Yet another Grab driver accused of molesting female passenger after she fell asleep during ride


Yet another Grab driver has been accused of inappropriately touching a female passenger after she fell asleep during a ride.

The woman, Vivian Ng, shared on Facebook this afternoon that a GrabHitch driver who gave her a ride recently touched her inappropriately after she dozed off in the front passenger seat. Sharing a photo of the driver’s Grab profile, Ng wrote:

“HEY FRIENDS, WATCH OUT FOR THIS GRABHITCH DRIVER. He had the audacity to touch my thighs while i was sleeping and made suggestive comments. Shame on you for thinking there’re no consequences for your actions. I hope the police finds you soon”

Ng added in a subsequent clarification:

“For those who thought he was trying to wake me up, this happened while we were on the highway. I felt his hand on my thigh so i woke up. At first I thought it was just an accident so pushed his hand away. He insistently pushed his hand towards me. After i told him that i have a boyfriend, his exact words were “he don’t have to know”. I don’t see how this could be a misunderstanding. Also, I have more than enough cash to pay for the ride. Before I exited the car, he apologised for what he did and said that I was too hard to resist.”

Another netizen commenting on the matter shared what appears to be a screenshot of a text conversation with the Grab driver, “Colin”. In the conversation, “Colin” explained that he was only reaching over to take something from the glove compartment, when his hand brushed Ng’s thigh:

Grab is apparently investigating the incident, according to Ng who has also lodged a police report over the matter.

“Colin” is not the first GrabHitch driver to have been accused of inappropriately touching a passenger, nor is he the first Grab driver to have been accused of molesting a passenger while she was asleep.

On 24 Nov last year, a GrabCar driver was sentenced to 16 months’ jail today for kissing a 21-year-old customer, touching her breasts, inserting his hand into her jeans and undergarment, and making her touch him after she fell asleep in his car.

The victim, a student, had hailed a private-hire vehicle in the wee hours of 23 Sept 2016 after a particularly busy day of classes and football. 64-year-old Ng Seng Chye picked the student up shortly after she booked a ride at 4.30am and proceeded to drive her to her home. The trip would have taken 20 minutes.

Exhausted and having had 4 beers shortly before, the student fell asleep in the car. When the driver reached her home and could not wake her up, he took advantage of her and sexually assaulted her.

The victim only awoke when she felt the driver leaning against her body and stroking her thigh and caressing her body:

Elderly GrabCar driver sexually assaulted 21-year-old student who fell asleep in his car

On 1 June last year, Rocio Yap, a professional dancer, said in her Facebook that she was molested by a GrabHitch driver:

“Today I was molested by my GrabHitch driver.
“I generally sit in front for hitch cos they aren’t grab drivers but just random Singaporeans like you and me, on the way to somewhere and pick people along their route for extra cash.. He seemed a little dodgy but I thought I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover so I just sat in front. He was ok the whole way, just normal conversation on how to get there and I was busy settling emails on my phone so I didn’t make much conversation. I barely made eye contact.
“When I reached my destination, I had to get cash out for the guy so I had reach to my bag under the seat to get my wallet. Space was v tight so my leg kena his hand which was on the gear stick.. I quickly pulled to the side and said sorry. Then while I was looking down he quickly touched my leg and said “you have super legs”. I thought I heard wrong/ accidentally hit me cos the space was tight. So I was like “what?” and he replied “you have super legs”. At this point i replied “huh?” and u can tell I’m super annoyed. Then he replied “I think your legs are really sexy” with a really creepy smile. I shot back a very disgusted “okay..” And tried to settle the payment as fast as I could. When it was settled I just said “thanks” while I grabbed my things and he took the opportunity to stroke my leg a longer while this time and said “I really.. love your legs” and he had this fucking creepy smile. I was honestly in shock and I didn’t want to do or say anything in case he locked me in the car or anything so I quickly just rushed out and slammed the door…”

GrabHitch driver suspended after allegedly molesting dancer


    • Terrie Tan, it is true what u shared. But is that not too late now? I rather take precautionary measure than risking sitting in the front and let myself be molested. If you must sit in the front, then better not to sleep or even close the eyes at all.

    • Why should you take precautionary measure? Why shouldn’t the thief, robber or molester take precautionary measure NOT to harm someone and give them trouble? Why is it the “duty” of ordinary people like you and me who abide by the law who need to beware when it’s offenders that need to beware? A sick society is one where innocent people need to take on greater burdens and pains to stay safe when it should be the guilty who need to put in effort not to commit crimes. I shouldn’t be the one doing the extra work. The offender should be the one doing his part not to offend.

    • Sorry Kris but taking the attitude that the burden falls on the innocent to stay safe = criminals will never learn and never need to take responsibility not to commit crime, because they can always argue it’s the victim’s fault for not taking extra care. This is not the sort of community i want to live in, no thank you.

    • Kris Chee yes it’s because we live in a society that favours the criminal, where we believe the criminal has more power over those who do not do crime. This is unacceptable. Maybe it’s easier for you to understand if you stop with victim-mentality and stop accepting that we are at the mercy of criminals. Criminals should be at the mercy of us law-abiding citizens, not the other way around.

    • That is not Stockholm Syndrome. Know the meaning please. If you had read some comments, I am not the only one questioning about the front seat. I am just been wise by not inviting troubles. Perhaps you wanna sleep with your house main door widely open and see what happens…….Have a pleasant evening yourself.

    • Terrie Tan This is the reality ….Perfect world where ppl don’t tell lies , commit crimes and such , only exist in movies .
      Victims as such don’t deserve to be molest but when it comes to crime prevention , both parties have a role to play . Take crossing the zebra for instant , yes it is pedestrians right of way to cross but doesn’t mean it will hurt to stop for 2 secs to look out , wait for oncoming cars to stop before crossing . Like your analogy , pedestrians shouldn’t be task the burden but end of the day things happen , who will suffer the greatest loss ?
      The driver may be fine and jailed…years later release and will resume his life again , what about the girl who was molested ? Scarred for life !!!!
      Not saying that it is her fault but it helps to take precaution … don’t you agree ?

  1. I’m sorry to hear about this. If the lady in the article reads this, or if any sexual assault victims chance across this article, please know that you can contact the Sexual Assault Care Centre for help:

    They provide emotional support, as well as legal advice, should you choose to file a police report. You don’t have to go through sexual assault alone.

  2. Grabhitch is like a pooling service. U pay so little yet u all want to treat him like your driver and sit at the back? Dont be so cheapo. Want to sit at the back call grabcar, uberx or taxi. If not cheap enough, there always uberflash and justgrab.
    If i hitch someone and he/she going to sit at the back, i will cancel his/her ride on the spot.