Featured News Woman at Sun Plaza taunts safe distancing ambassadors, asking “Are you all...

Woman at Sun Plaza taunts safe distancing ambassadors, asking “Are you all dumb, or sophisticatedly stupid?”

In the video the woman is not wearing a mask while she is seen telling an ambassador to back off although she deliberately approaches him




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A woman at Sun Plaza was filmed refusing to wear a mask and taunting Safe Distancing Ambassadors.

The two-and-a-half-minute-long clip showed a woman arguing with safe distancing ambassadors as well as the mall security guard in both English and Mandarin.

The video starts with her not wearing a mask and telling a safe distancing ambassador to “back off” as she deliberately approaches him.

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“If you want to talk, remove your mask and talk”, she said.

Despite him explaining that it was required under the government law to wear a mask, she says, “I can’t hear what you’re saying. If my ears can’t hear what you’re saying, that means I would not be able to hear”.

“Don’t be an a*****e”, she said to another, presumably for taking a video of her.

As the safe distancing ambassador tried to explain to her the need for her to wear a mask as per the law, she held up her mask against her face and replied, “this is a mask”, without putting it on.

“Are you all dumb, or sophisticatedly stupid?” she asked the safety distancing ambassadors for not taking any action sooner.

“Cheers to you all” she added, holding the mask against her face.

As soon as a security guard arrives, she moves towards him without a mask, causing them to argue about who had to maintain a safe distance. When he turned to call the police, the woman sat back down and said, “Whatever, whatever, whatever”.

The man filming the incident then explains that he had offered the woman a mask, though she declined.

The camera then pans down to a bag of surgical masks held in the man’s hand before the video ends with the woman defiantly holding her surgical mask in up in the air, continuing with her taunts.

Netizens were very irate at her behaviour and said a harsher punishment should be doled out to offenders like her.

In response to TISG’s queries, Sun Plaza’s Management said: “We won’t comment as it is still under investigation. But we are trying our best to ensure that all shoppers are shopping in a safe environment, ensuring that all shoppers have their masks on and are adhering to social distancing regulations. Ultimately, everyone plays a part in this fight against the virus, especially during such a critical period”.  /TISG

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