Whistle-blower alleges CSR Sifang submitted fake test data to LTA

By: 永久浪客/Forever Vagabond

Searching through the Internet, it has been found that one year ago, an insider had already whistle-blown on CSR Sifang for doctoring its test data of the C151A train trial. CSR Sifang entered into a joint venture with the Japanese Kawasaki group to develop the C151A trains, which were later bought by SMRT.

The person blogged about it on Sina.com last year (4 Feb 2015): http://blog.sina.cn/dpool/blog/s/blog_14307caa50102vdd9.html

He signed off with the words “请宣传” (please spread the news). He recounted that CSR Sifang had fabricated test data of the train trial illegally. The bogus data was then submitted to Kawasaki heavy Industries and Singapore’s LTA.

Apparently, in Nov 2010, the first trial train manufactured by CSR Sifang was unable to meet the strict specifications laid down by Kawasaki. The insider alleged that large number of CSR Sifang officials then conspired together to fabricate the test results of the train trial. The insider had listed a large number of names of the CSR Sifang officials in his blog, alleged to have participated in the large scam.

The insider said, “Because I have also personally involved in the fabrication of data, which would gravely affect the quality and safety (of the trains), I always felt guilty. If the trains quality and safety were compromised abroad, it would affect the country’s reputation.” (由于本人参与了此次影响恶劣的安全质量隐患造假,内心一直愧疚,如果地铁在国外出现安全质量隐患影响国家的名声。)

Checking through the Internet, some of the names mentioned by the insider can, indeed, still be found in the company, CSR Sifang.

The insider said that evidence of data fabrication can be found inside the email correspondence among the many CSR Sifang officials. Furthermore, he mentioned that the test report submitted to LTA was different from the one kept in CSR Sifang.

Weibo blog asks public to boycott CSR Sifang

On another Chinese blog site, Weibo, someone has also published a blog about CSR Sifang fabricating test data of the C151A trains. This was also written 1 year ago on 21 Feb 2015 (http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603812636453147191). The author asked the public to boycott the company.

In the blog, he mentioned that CSR Sifang had altered the test data during the trial of the first train. Many of numbers in the test data submitted to its partner Kawasaki heavy Industries and Singapore’s LTA was different from the ones kept by CSR Sifang.

He accused CSR Sifang of being shameless and thick-skinned, a disgrace to the Chinese.

He also mentioned employees being “abused” inside the company. For example, employees can be randomly removed from his post, salaries can be lowered, staff can be forced to undertake a different job, switch departments as well as receive different benefits. Also, their annual performance pay can be arbitrarily deducted.

If the allegation is true, it can only mean that employees working in CSR Sifang must be very demoralized.