Wear White will push-back Pink Dot, Lawrence Khong


The Christian Church unity movement, Love Singapore, is leading the Wear White campaign this year. The Wear White campaign kicked-off in the year 2014 as an effort against the Pink Dot Movement.

Wear White was started by Muslim religious teacher Noor Deros to promote traditional family values and protest against homosexuality. A leader of Love Singapore and senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church, Lawrence Khong, pledged support of the churches he led to the campaign. The unprecedented cooperation of its kind by Christian and Muslim groups saw thousands of adherents turning up in churches and mosques across the island in white in support of the campaign.

Pink Dot is Singapore’s equivalent of a gay pride parade. The annual, non-profit, free-for-all event was started in 2009, in support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore. Over 28,000 people turned up at the Pink Dot event last year. They supported the right to love regardless of sexual orientation.

Supporters of Wear White have slammed the Pink Dot movement of advocating for cultural acceptance and normalisation of non-heterosexual orientations and relationships.

This year’s wear white campaign was not announced in the Facebook page of the movement, but in the Facebook page of Love Singapore.

Khong who kicked-off the Wear White this year said that the campaign is “pro-Family, pro-Government, pro-Singapore.” The campaign said that it fully supported the Government’s pro-family policies and pledged to work with the Government to “build a Family of Nation-Builders and a Nation of Family-Builders.”

The pastor who described the movement as one of personal purity and public morality said that Wear White is the core value of Singapore’s conservative majority.

“It is a message to LGBT activists that there is a conservative majority in Singapore who will push back and will not allow them to promote their homosexual lifestyle and liberal ideologies that openly and outrightly contradict our laws, our government’s stated policies, our national core values, and the conservative majority’s views on public morality, Marriage and Family,” Khong said.

Khong said that his message is representative of the conservative majority of Singapore. It is unclear if the Muslim community will support the campaign and the leadership of the Christian community of it this year.