Traffic Police's reply shows how 'no internet for public officers' policy may affect general public


Facebook group shared the picture of a message from the Traffic Police to an unidentified person, telling him that they are not able to access the internet to view the footage of an incident. They asked the person to transfer the video footage of the incident into a VCD, and send it to their headquarters. captioned the picture:

“Apparently one user tried submitting a video online to Traffic Police and got this reply. Government disconnecting themselves from the internet will bring the whole reporting system back to 10 years ago. Where we need to save any electronic data into flash drives or burn a VCD then drive down and physically hand it over.

Oh no, this cannot be real. #BangHeadOnWall

The Singapore Government confirmed that the work computers of public officers will have no access to the Internet to guard against cyber-attacks over the internet and to create a “more secure working environment”. The ‘no internet’ policy is already enforced in some public offices, and will be fully enforced in all Government agencies from June 2017 onwards.