Featured News Sports Hub announces that its CEO has resigned but neglects to mention...

Sports Hub announces that its CEO has resigned but neglects to mention that its CFO and COO have also quit




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In a media statement this past Monday, Sports Hub announced the resignation of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oon Jin Teik. Mr Oon’s departure from the organisation has been described as a “shock resignation” by the national broadsheet.

Mr Oon, who joined Sports Hub in May 2014, is the first Singaporean to have led the organisation after Mr Manu Sawhney and Mr Philippe Collin-Delavaud.

While Sports Hub announced the resignation of its CEO, it neglected to mention that Chief  Financial Officer (CFO) Sandy Tay and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Wong Lup Wai have also submitted their resignations in the last two months.

When asked about the resignations of three senior leaders within the organisation, Sports Hub would only tell TODAY: “As in the normal course of business for all organisations where a certain level of attrition is to be expected, there have been some departures within the Singapore Sports Hub.

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“Our focus is to ensure business continues as usual at the Singapore Sports Hub. We have a strong team in place and we remain fully focused on pursuing operational excellence, executing a vibrant repertoire of events, and delivering great experiences for our clients, colleagues, partners and patrons.”

Sports Hub’s chairman Mr Bryn Jones is set to assume the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer after Mr Oon’s departure, while the organisation conducts a “global search” for the “best individual to lead the Singapore Sports Hub going forward.”

It is unclear who has replaced the CFO and the COO and whether global searches will be conducted to find a replacement for the vacant senior positions.

Read Sports Hub’s media statement in full HERE.

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