Featured News Singaporeans call out SMRT CEO for going “into hiding” after first train...

Singaporeans call out SMRT CEO for going “into hiding” after first train breakdown




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After a train delay due to a “power fault” on the East-West Line on Tuesday, August 14, caused commuters an additional 20 minutes of travel time.

The fault supposedly occurred between Queenstown and Tuas Link.

Commuters were notified of the fault in a tweet from SMRT at 7.08pm, and by 7.19pm, SMRT updated that train services were progressively being restored as the power fault had cleared.

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However, the update still added an expected additional travel time of 10 minutes between Queenstown and Tuas Link.

By 7.40pm, train services between the stations had resumed and free regular bus services had ended.

In light of the first MRT breakdown since Neo Kian Hong took over as CEO of SMRT, many took to social media to ask what came out of his promises of “reliable services” only a few days before.

Where did he disappear to? 🤔

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Thursday, 16 August 2018

While many felt that Mr Neo should have made an appearance and said something after the first major MRT breakdown during his tenure, there were a significant number of others who felt that he should be given time to settle into his role, and to make any changes that could help the system.

Netizens were very clearly divided in their opinions. However, it would be more reasonable for Mr Neo to be able to assess for himself the issues that plague Singapore’s railway system, before he can make any changes for the better. Even though netizens called him out on this one train breakdown, it is only when things go wrong can he take steps forward to fix them.

After all, being the man who sold his own car and said, “I sold my car earlier on but I didn’t want to buy a new car, because it is more useful for me to take the MRT to understand the issues and take our company’s assets like our taxis and buses”, shouldn’t the people have some faith in Mr Neo?

Singaporeans sceptical of SMRT CEO who said: I sold my car earlier because it is more useful for me to take the MRT to work



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