Singaporean flamed online for “bullying” Chinese food court worker who cannot speak English


A Singaporean man was flamed online for “bullying” a Chinese Food Republic worker who apparently could not speak English. Interestingly, it was the Singaporean himself who shot the video that shows his exchange with the worker.

In the video, a Chinese woman can be seen working at a stall as the man shooting the video can be heard saying, “Don’t ask me to speak Mandarin okay? You don’t ask me to speak Mandarin. You come to Singapore to work. This is my country. I’m Singaporean. Okay, you must learn how to speak English.”

The man continues: “And here we have another problem with Government’s policies – bringing in foreign workers. In this case, this lady is from China and she cannot understand English. I’m just trying to get her to separate this-“

At this point the woman who appears frustrated begins to complain to another customer about what was going on. Undeterred the man shooting the video says, “Go back to your country okay? This is my country. I am Singaporean okay?”

He adds, “This is another case of the Government’s fault lah. Bringing in foreigners and giving us Singaporeans trouble.”

Singaporean uncle not happy she can't speak english. Must she die die learn english?

Posted by Singapore Peasant on Tuesday, 12 June 2018

While the video was only posted on Facebook group Singapore Peasant yesterday, the actual footage is years old and has been circulating online as far back as 2014:

While some netizens newly responding to the video agreed that the front-line workers should learn English, others showed their support for the worker and criticised the Singaporean for “bullying” her:


  1. Why is man adopting a superior attitude?
    Many of foreign workers (maids, laborers etc) working in Singapore do not speak English too!
    They work very hard so that their next generation may have a better life.
    Our forefathers and fore-mothers who migrated here many years ago do not speak a single word of English.
    Most of our PGs do not speak a single word of English or understand English.
    Pride comes before a fall.
    Just because you are educated in a foreign (English is after all not our mother tongue) language, it does not give you a right to criticize others and especially other nationalities who come here to earn a honest living,
    English is not the only spoken language of the world!

  2. Basically the woman is whining about too much work , and gave him attitude.

    We can have foreigners working here , but don’t exploit them too much. Or the one to pay is not the govt but the people.