Singapore News Singapore now Asia's World City as Hong Kong's liveability declines

Singapore now Asia’s World City as Hong Kong’s liveability declines




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Not too long ago, Norman Pearlstine wrote that, Innovation and imagination now seem to be Singapore’s bywords.”

This year, Singapore now ranks number one as the most liveable location for Asian expatriates according to the ECA International survey while Hong Kong has fallen out of the top 40.

Hong Kong has long branded itself as “Asia’s world city,” but it seems they need to start rebranding as recent data say otherwise.

For the past years, Hong Kong has been gradually sliding down the cracks in terms of liveability. The city has been experiencing an increase in pollution, difficulties in accessing government subsidized housing for citizens, worsening health services, and overcrowding.

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Tourists from mainland China, with fat wallets and lured by cheap city tours and shopping, also contribute to Hong Kong’s overcrowding which has greatly affected the living conditions of residents.

It is estimated that around four million Chinese tourists visited Hong Kong in 2018.

Last year, Hong Kong also experienced a devastating storm, Typhoon Mangkhut, causing and costing significant damage to the city but driving slow recovery and repairs. This seems to be the cherry on top of Hong Kong’s struggle to maintain its reputation not only to its citizens but also to the international community.

Experts have already bemoaned how Hong Kong city life has been deteriorating.

Journalist Michael Chugani brought attention to the limitations to freedom that Hong Kong natives experience from their government.

These factors continue to push Hong Kong down the slope of liveability standards.

A world city is characterized as being a cosmopolitan living center, an economic powerhouse, a global village brimming with culture and energy.

If Hong Kong wants to keep their brand, they better up their game.

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