Retiree protests against local bank at Raffles Place after his wife invested $250,000 of his money only to be left with $11,200

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A middle-aged retiree was recently spotted protesting at Raffles Place against a local bank for leaving him with less than $11,200 after his wife invested $250,000 of his savings through the bank.

According to a picture shared by an eyewitness, the protester can be seen standing in the Central Business District wearing a paper sign on the back of his shirt. The sign says:

“I trust my loving wife. She trusts [redacted] bank. My loving wife said your $250,000 will grow with [redacted] bank. Now my $250,000.00 taken from my CPF & Retirement Fund is less than $11,200. $238,800.00 gone with the wind. My loving wife is VERY VERY SAD. WHAT should I do now????”

Besides indicating that he is a retiree, the sign also revealed that his wife is a retired employee of the bank in question.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to the Chinese daily, the man was spotted around 11am this past Friday, just outside the Raffles Place MRT station. The eyewitness reported:

“At the time, I saw that there was a poster on his body. I was curious and I was concerned about it for a while. I saw that he was using a mobile phone and talking to someone on the phone so I did not ask him about his situation. “

A Chinese daily reporter rushed to the scene but the disgruntled retiree had apparently left by that time. The spokesperson from the bank in question responded to the Chinese daily and said that it is aware of the situation. The bank further assured the public that it “will handle each complaint promptly and fairly.”