Home News Police report made against Singaporean man who supported terror

Police report made against Singaporean man who supported terror




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UPDATE: The Facebook of M Na’im Sahib Marican (https://www.facebook.com/mnaimsmarican) is not viewable to members of the public as at 9pm on 1 Jul.

A police report has been made against a Singaporean Indian Muslim man who supported terror attacks on Turkey in his Facebook. M Na’im Sahib Marican writing in his Facebook said: “We have a right to slaughter Turkey. God gave us the right even before we were born.”
Na’im further said that Turkey deserves to be bombed because they were arrogant and said Singapore should not be like that country to avoid a similar fate. In his later posts, he seemed to suggest that he was talking about the bird turkey and not the country Turkey. but did not clarify how slaughtering the bird has got anything to do with bombings.
The Facebook user also shared an article from the publication, The Diplomat, titled ‘The Battle that Kept the Chinese out of Central Asia‘, and commented: “Battle of Talas.. When the Muslims controlled the Turks and pushed the Chinese out.”
The netizen who lodged an online police report against Na’im, Prabu Ramachandran said that he was doing so because he had reasons to believe that the man might be radicalized and might pose a threat to members of the public in Singapore.
He urged the police to take prompt and swift action due to the potential danger and sensitivity the individual’s views may pose. The police has confirmed receiving the report from Mr Ramachandran.

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