Png Eng Huat calls Charles Chong out after he tries to justify allegations that WP lost $22.5 million in town council funds


Hougang SMC MP Png Eng Huat has challenged Punggol East SMC Charles Chong once again over an accusation the latter had made during the 2015 General Election.

On 8 September in 2015, 3 days before polling day in the last GE, Chong had sent a letter to residents of Punggol East SMC in which he alleged that it is an “indisputable fact” that the Workers’ Party had lost $22.5 million that was supposedly transferred to the Punggol East Town Council:

“The indisputable fact is that when Punggol East was transferred to the Workers’ Party, $22.5 million was transferred to the new town council. That sum is now unaccounted for…”

Chong won the Punggol East SMC that year, wresting it away from the WP’s Lee Li Lian who had won a by-election that was held in the ward after ruling party parliamentarian Michael Palmer resigned as elected MP in 2012 due to an extramarital affair.

In February, AHTC’s engagement with independent auditor KPMG ended with KPMG finding that Workers’ Party-run Aljunied-Hougang Town Council has resolved all the audit points and control-related matters it had flagged for resolution.

That same evening, on 15 Feb, Png Eng Huat questioned Chong over the claim that his party had lost $22.5 million.

Releasing AHPETC’s statements of changes in funds for the financial years 2013-2015 and the statements for the financial years 2015-2017, Png pointed out that the Pasir-Ris Punggol Town Council also found that the audited Financial Statement for the Financial Year ended 31 March 2017 is unqualified. If there was missing money, the accounts would be qualified.

Chong tries to justify his claims

Charles Chong, who chairs the Select Committee that was convened last year to combat “fake news”, tried to justify his claims in a response three days later on 18 Feb when he told the Straits Times that there was no reliable way to find out what happened to the money since the opposition party did not submit clean records when Punggol East joined Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council from 2013 – 2015.

He added that in 2015, the WP town council’s financial statements were all qualified by their own auditors: “Consequently, there were no reliable figures to adequately account for the moneys that were transferred to them by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council after the by-election in 2013.”

For some reason, Chong also appeared to deflect attention to the AHTC court case when asked to justify his claims: “Key office holders of AHTC will still have to account for more than $33 million spent by AHPETC and to recover any amounts overpaid when the suit brought by the independent panel on behalf of AHTC comes up in court later this year.”

Png Eng Huat hits back

Png Eng Huat has taken Charles Chong to task once again with a new Facebook post questioning Chong’s justifications.

Categorising Chong’s mention of the $33 million payment review as a “distraction,” Png added that Chong’s justifications do not really hold water since his original allegation about the lost funds were made in September 2015 and the KPMG forensic audit only began in 2016, with the payment revire only being released in October 2016:

“Mr Charles Chong was reported on 18 February 2018 to have implied that his allegation on the unaccounted $22.5 million from Punggol East (PE), made in 2015, was justified because of all the qualified financial statements (FS) of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC). Mr Chong was also reported to have brought up the $33 million payment review report by KPMG in the same response, which is clearly a distraction.
“There was no KPMG audit then when Mr Chong made the allegation about the unaccounted millions from PE in September 2015. The KPMG forensic audit did not exist until 2016 and the payment review report was only released in October that year. So it is ludicrous for anyone to cite that as a basis or reference to make such an allegation in 2015. Furthermore, the KPMG report is on disputed payments, not about unaccounted money.”

The Hougang MP reiterated that there are “3 indisputable facts” when it comes to the alleged unaccounted $22.5 million from Punggol East:

“First, all the qualified FS for AHTC prior to the PE by-election in 2013 did not concern PE as it was not even under the management of WP.
“Second, all the qualified FS for AHTC from 2013 to 2015 did not flag that $22.5 million from PE was missing. Furthermore, the independent auditor for the handover of PE said the FS were properly drawn up and it gave a true and fair view of the financial position of the town as at 30 November 2015 (see attached). In short, the handover FS for PE is unqualified.
“Third, the auditor for Pasir Ris Punggol East Town Council (PRPTC) accepted the handover FS for PE and did not follow up with AHTC on the alleged unaccounted $22.5 million raised by Mr Chong in 2015. A big sum of money was alleged unaccounted for in PE and no one from PRPTC is interested to find out the status?”
“So linking the alleged missing $22.5m from PE to predated and unrelated audit issues from 2011, and highlighting disputed findings from a yet to be ordered forensic audit in explaining the allegation made in the letter to PE residents on 8 September 2015, is really stretching the justification way too thin.”

Png further revealed that he has been investigating Chong’s allegation for 30 months. He further clarified that AHTC did hand over $26.3 million back to Pasir Rise-Punggol Town Council, in cash:

“The accounts and reports are all released now. I have waited 30 months just to get to the bottom of the alleged missing $22.5 million from PE. And yes, AHTC did hand over $26.3 million back to PRPTC, in CASH too.”

Where is the unaccounted $22.5 million town council funds? Hougang MP challenges Charles Chong



    • We already know Pappies lied from day one.
      Common sense already said so.

      The corrupt clown prince lied and sued, to win dishonorably, used his absolute power to instill fear and silence the truths. This shinning example has already been set for his group of court jesters.

    • Consider these facts …

      In 1980, Singapore population was 2.414 million, but the citizen data is not known. Since 1980, most Singaporean families have less than 2 children per family.

      35 years later in 2015, Singapore population was 5.535 million in 2015, of which 3.375 million were citizens.

      Suppose we take the number of Singapore citizens to be 2.414 million in 1980 and a 1% annual depreciation in the number of these Singaporeans over the period of 35 years (from 1980 to 2015). Then the number of these local Singaporeans (those who were here before 1980) and their children was only 1.698 million as of 2015.

      But there was 3.375 million citizens in 2015. This means that the remaining 1.677 million of Singaporeans were immigrants Singaporeans who entered Singapore after 1980 and their children.

      So the ratio of local Singaporeans to immigrant Singaporeans is 50.3% to 49.7%.

      If the annual depreciation on the number of local Singaporean is 2%, then the number of local Singaporeans is 1.190 million (35.3%) and the number of immigrant Singaporeans is 2.185 million (64.7%).

      You can bet your last coin that immigrant Singaporeans are strongly supportive of PAP.

      Realistically, whether we like it or not, PAP will definitely win the next election.

    • Shittytimes and CNA are PAP propaganda mouthpieces, why still ask the obvious?

      They are master of wayangs, trying to fake independence and talk a bit of cock, while aiming to brainwash the stupid readers.

  1. Since they are brow beating Sylvia after the Budget debate where they were rebutted and now finding all kinds of ways to nail her I urge you not to let the matter drop if your hands are clean in this matter. Go all the way. He cannot have his cake and eat it and must be put in place.
    I hope the new generation of Singaporeans are not that naive and gutless when it comes to the next election and not be swayed by the bits and scraps that they will throw in your direction come election time.
    The only way to stop these High Salary and uncaring whites is at the ballot box.
    If there is enough credible opposition in Parliament they won’t be able to pass draconian laws at the expanse of the people I’m sure all of us don’t want to end up like North Korea.

    • idiot, what got to do with NK. They are better thsn Spore, you are brainwashed by Spore msm controlled by CIA. go google NK cities & on NK.

      vote pap & you better prepare to have a Indian country, with FTA giving India unrestricted access to Spore, is that not frightening enough?

  2. Well, the majority that voted for CC, are they really so brainless as to be swayed by him? Looks like it, if not, WP would not lose PE to him. Just a bit of bullshitting by Chao Chong(oops, Charles) and the voters goes gaga over his claim. So much for these grey cell-less buggers who put him in to screw themselves. Think cuckoo, think and allow WP to wrest it back next time round ya. Don’t be a CUCKOO to vote papigs again.

  3. Look at that CBF of a warped liar !!!! So SG -WTG believe in a Big Faker is needed to chair the Fake News Committee !! Come I clap for you WTG !!!
    As the matter stand the people of PE SMC seem to have been lied to during 2015 GE and therefore appears only right to demand an apology from the fake news maker CFWL!!! no right?

  4. Get to clear your good name n WP .
    Get Charles Chong accounted for his accusations with constructive explanation.
    If he’s into fake news take action against him
    The local broadcast media simply not interested.
    If PAP can go all the way out to make Sylvia Lim apologize….. make Charles Chong do the same
    People say ” An eye for an eye ‘

  5. Get to clear your good name n WP .
    Get Charles Chong accounted for his accusations with constructive explanation.
    If he’s into fake news take action against him
    The local broadcast media simply not interested.
    If PAP can go all the way out to make Sylvia Lim apologize….. make Charles Chong do the same
    People say ” An eye for an eye ‘

  6. AMK TC, GM corruption has not cleared.
    Holland GRC TC corruption has not cleared.
    Even cases involving Sport Council, Zainudin pending investigation right?
    Keppel corruption cannot clear.
    Indian Minister, sham hyping on AGENT after Christian being charge in COURT. Cannot resolve.
    SLA corruption cases, after years then clear.
    Seems that under LHL corruption cases are norm but he said, high pay to deter corruption and
    maintain high standard.
    Now Grace Fu TEST BALLOON for GST hike. You believe these PAP members really work for SG?

  7. Should start crowd funding to start a series of suits against MIW for all the false and fake allegations they have thus far made. They have been having it too good suing opposition members for all sorts of allegations. Must give them a taste of their own medicine!!!!

    • Try fighting a juggernaut with all the tools of war against the you with resources that looks ant-like in comparison The best move is to be damn bloody sure in making every hit count and in making sure the hit doesn’t reverse back on you.

      Also, please lah. Ur accusation merely reeks of one-sidedness, where is the component comprising of the PAP. Want to accuse make sure u judge both side and get the whole story. If not ur voice is but just noise and a shallow one at it.

  8. Is charlie the con insinuating that the auditors KPMG are professionally inadequate?

    Let’s not forget KPMG is one of the 4 big international audit firms and also the auditors for many of the GLCs listed on SGX.

    So can investors be assured that those GLCs financial are reliable?

    Or are GLCs allowed more latitude under ownself supervises ownself?

    Mr Png, you should throw that liar the ultimate challenge by surrendering offering yourself up to CPIB on the basis of CC accusations. If CPIB takes no action against you or anyone in WP then WP must sue CC for slander. This is the only way for WP to regain its standing with those who were misled by the gov-sg generated fake news is for WP to take the bull by thd horn and wrestle it down and into the dirt

  9. Technically, CC did not lie. He raised doubts that $22mil was not in the books, which was true. WP should have countered by stating that it is provided for in the other set of books, which CC conveniently did not mention. Crafty fella but that’s polititcs.