People’s Association volunteer allegedly hurt young boy and refused to apologise at PA Chingay event


A People’s Association (PA) volunteer allegedly hurt a child at the Chingay celebration organised by the PA, East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC on Saturday, 10 March, around 8.30pm.

According to one of our readers, Chng Boon Hwee, the volunteer refused to apologise when confronted by the crying child’s father and “insulted” the father instead. Chng recounted that another female volunteer also brushed the father away with “harsh comments”:

“A female resident with 2 young boys were collecting their redemption item when suddenly a PA Volunteer, nickname Sunny grabbed the young boy’s hand violently and pushed him away. The female resident screamed and the young boy cried badly.
“The father approached the PA Volunteer for his actions. The PA Volunteer however did not apologise and insult the father in public that he is unable to educate his children. The father was also brushed away with harsh comments from another female PA Volunteer.
“Many residents started to gather around taking pictures and videos, and condemn on the violent actions caused by the PA Volunteer. The family left the redemption area traumatised with the unacceptable behaviours of the PA Volunteers.”

The incident allegedly occurred at this event, which suggests that the actual altercation may have taken place at the Siglap Community Centre since it allegedly occurred at 8.30pm:

According to Chng, the family has lodged a police report over the incident and the police are allegedly investigating the matter. Calling on eyewitnesses who have footage capturing the incident to come forward, Chng added:

“Police Report has been lodged by the family. The Police has classified it as “Criminal Force” and the investigating is still ongoing.
“We hope that the violent PA Volunteer can be brought to justice and PA can provide a fair statement to the disturbed family and public. We also hope that any residents or eye witness can help to share the videos or photos that they have taken of the violent incident caused by the PA Volunteer. The PA Volunteers have indeed tarnished the good public image of the PA Organisation.”


  1. Why did the volunteer grabbed the kid’s hand violently?

    This bit of info deliberately not mentioned? Was the kid misbehaving and causing a scene? Or was the kid being a nuisance and the parents were oblivious? Perhaps the parents were staring at their phones instead of their kid?

    • I dont know but once i was walking happily at an exhibition before it began when i was violently pushed aside by a very buff guy. At least he explained to me “minister walking to here, dont block the way.” Yes a senior ministrr was just 10m away.

      I empathize cos if he didnt and told me nicely, the minister would have questioned and he would lose his job.

    • Shaun Aw the buff guy would only do that if you’re really in the way I guess.

      As for the above mentioned kid, I’m sure the whole family weren’t that ‘innocent’ in the whole incident. But to be traumatized, that’s either they are made of marshmallows or they are playing the poor victim card a tad bit too much

  2. Any one post the guy face in FB let every body know him , if he not happy to be violently don’t do no one force u or u just want free carpark or ??? Kid very nature he don’t what is right or wrong u r the violence tell the kid . Not fix to be violently