The 2018 General Election in Malaysia made history as it unfolded on Wednesday as the nation underwent its first transition of power since it achieved independence, six decades ago.

92-year-old Mahathir, who helped establish the ruling Barisan National (BN) coalition in power and served as Malaysia’s longest-serving Prime Minister, stepped out of retirement and left the ruling party to lead the opposition. Breaking the BN’s six-decade long monopoly, Mahathir beat his one-time protégé Najib Razak and is set to become the world’s oldest head of government when he is sworn in.

The stunning election upset dislodged the BN from its spot in the list of the world’s longest serving ruling parties still in power. Interestingly, Singapore’s People’s Action Party (PAP) takes BN’s spot and climbed to the third place in the list.

Like the BN previously, PAP has remained in power since Singapore attained independence and has been the ruling party here for the past 59 years. The party has been overwhelmingly dominant in local politics since it came into power in 1959 and presently holds 82 out of 101 seats in Parliament.

The number one spot in the list of the world’s longest serving ruling parties still in power is taken by the Workers’ Party of Korea, which has been in power in North Korea since 1948. Incidentally, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is set to visit Singapore next month – in what will be his farthest trip outside his isolated nation – for his highly-anticipated summit with US President Donald Trump on 12 June.

The second place on the list is taken by the Communist Party of China, which has ruled China since 1949. Singapore’s PAP comes after the Chinese ruling party and is followed by the Cameroonian People’s Democratic Party in fourth place and the Communist Party of Cuba in fifth place.

The Cameroonian People’s Democratic Party has been in power since 1960 while the Communist Party of Cuba ruled the Republic of Cuba since 1965, although other parties exist without legal recognition or incorporation.


    • @Edwin Kwan
      No need credentials to write an article, you are welcome to write as you please because this is a democracy community with freedom of speech!
      In life, everybody has a choice to agree or disagree with your personal views, this is known as communication
      Those paper general with academic credentials always write about how to build their prosperity on the suffering of others and they never put into practice what they preach!!!
      Ask our ministers why our senior citizens are suffering without universal basic income for retirement and where is our promised “Swiss standard of living ” in our sunset years???

  1. holding power for too long sure to corrupt the mind of the rulers and its cronies. the citizens must take away the power and let new govt to rule and change the system. All those that are corrupted should be removed asap, just like what DR Mat has done. don’t let these parasite to grow and destroy our society with their greedness, arrogant and power crazy.

  2. Sense of entitlement to rule, out of touch politicians, that’s very much the same problem Malaysia faced leaving 1mdb aside, it’s only a matter of time this Party of Natural Aristocrats reach the end of their rope. Their fall will come sooner or later.

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    • ************
      The PAP has been winning landslides ever since
      1968 (87% votes, 100% seats), 1972(70% votes, 100% seats), 1976(74% votes, 100% seats), 1980(78% votes, 100% seats), 1984 (65% votes, 99% seats), 1988(63% votes, 99% seats), 1991(61% votes, 95% seats), 1997(65% votes, 98% seats), 2001(75% votes, 98% seats), 2006(67% votes,98% seats), 2011(60% votes, 93% seats), 2015 (70% votes, 93% seats).
      Next election? 80% votes, 100% seats
      Singaporeans love PAP and / or hate opposition.