MyCareersFuture says 12k more jobs available for Singaporeans; looks like it’s going to be a hectic year

Photo: You Tube screengrab

The Government-led jobs portal MyCareersFuture will add 12,000 more postings for local job seekers following a Memorandum of Understanding with global job site Indeed, said Workforce Singapore (WSG).

It can prioritize search results according to the relevance of a job seeker’s SS and filter results to show those under government schemes that support training.

Launched April 2018, MyCareersFuture which replaced Jobs Bank, had over 500,000 site visitors looking for jobs and finding solutions to career needs. From the very beginning of its launch, the site has partnered with Google, JobsCentral, Jooble and LinkedIn to display jobs posted on these platforms.

The site, however, continues to be available only to job seekers. Employers will have to continue using Jobs Bank to post job vacancies.

WSG said it expects to launch the employers module in the first half of 2019.

WSG is working with Netherlands-based company WCC to provide ranking and recommendation services. This technology would help employers save time by identifying suitable applicants and candidates, reducing mismatches and missed matches.

In a similar development to prove that the government intends to take care of its people, Singapore has tightened its hiring guidelines when it comes to foreign workers and consider locals fairly for higher-quality jobs.

Singapore saw the biggest dive in the number of foreigners with work visas in 2017. The decline of 32,000 was 10 times more than 2016’s decline of 2,500.

Singapore’s grand economic growth objectives have been impeded by a shriveling pond of its only natural resource – its people. The island state’s moribund overall fertility rate has been cited as a major reason to get foreign talent and supplement the local resident workforce.

Nevertheless, the political and social ramifications of a comparatively open immigration strategy from over a decade ago has been underscored recently as the government goes on with its effort in adjusting its policies in order to even out talent scarcity in high-growth sectors and employment opportunities for its citizens.