Home News Medishield Life covered $400 of a $8K bill

Medishield Life covered $400 of a $8K bill




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Benjamin Lee who blogs as mrmiyagi, posted on Facebook that he paid $0 for his late father’s medical bill.
The blogger’s father passed away recently and may have been hospitalised prior. He said that the the last hospitalisation bill for his father was $7,959.
Government grant for the bill was $4,606 and Medisheld Life covered $421 of it.
He paid the balance of $3,046 using his own monies in Medisave, of which $1600 was top-up from the Pioneer Generation Package.
“I paid a whopping $0,” Mr Lee said.

Papa's last #SGH bill was $7,959. Our #Medisave paid $3,046. #MedishieldLife paid $421. The Government paid $4,606. I…

Posted by Benjamin Lee on Thursday, 14 January 2016

*An older Singaporean who is born in the year 1934 or earlier, who lives in an HDB flat and does not own a second property would have received $1600 ($800 in 2014, and another $800 last year) in Pioneer Generation Medisave top-ups

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