Low Thia Khiang suggests we should only discuss his plans and his new role in WP CEC at the next General Election


Speaking to reporters at his first Meet-the-People Session (MPS) at 713 Bedok Reservoir Road since stepping down as the Workers’ Party’s secretary-general, veteran opposition politician Low Thia Khiang declined to elaborate on his new role in the party’s Chief Executive Committee (CEC).

When asked if he would take on a role similar to the one founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew took on later in his political career as Minister Mentor, Low declined to reveal details on his role and explained that he would prefer to discuss his plans at the next General Election.

He asserted: “It’s premature now to discuss these things. I think these questions can be answered later on. Everyone will be able to see and know. I don’t need to speculate on what will happen…I do have plans but we should only discuss them at the next election. It is still too early to judge now.”

Low instead urged Singaporeans to give his successor Pritam Singh time and a chance as the party’s new chief.

The politician, who has led the Workers’ Party since 2001, shared in Mandarin that it will take time for residents to become more familiar with Singh who was elected unopposed to the top post in the WP CEC.

Low, who had previously noted that Singh’s election completes the party’s leadership renewal process, said: “It’s often like that at the beginning. It takes time. So as I’ve said before, I hope that residents and Singaporeans will give him time, give him a chance… I feel that this is a very important process.”