Is Tan Cheng Bock sending a hidden message as he sings “Count on me Singapore”?

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Yesterday, former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock released a video on his Facebook page. In it, he and his friends sing and play the ukelele to express their “love for Singapore and to celebrate National Day 2018”.

Or so he says.

The song is rather poignant at a time when Dr Tan’s name was thrown out to lead efforts toward an opposition coalition. The lyrics are rather suggestive with a specific message, and as Dr Tan said, put forth a “vision for a better Singapore”.


COUNT ON ME SINGAPOREMy dear Singaporeans, my Raffles Institution alumni friends and I made this ukelele video to express our love for Singapore and to celebrate National Day 2018. It's a timeless song of hope and vision for a better Singapore.May the song speak for your heart as it does for mine.

Posted by Dr Tan Cheng Bock on Friday, 3 August 2018

Throughout the song, there are references made about new possibilities in Singapore, such as the opening lines, “We have a vision for tomorrow, just believe, just believe /We have a goal for Singapore, we can achieve, we can achieve”.

The song also talks about a dream: “There is something down the road that we can strive for /We are told no dream’s too bold that we can’t try for”.

Dr Tan’s name was brought up during a meeting at the premises of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) on July 28, where many wanted him to lead an opposition coalition.

Singapore Democratic Party’s Dr Chee Soon Juan even said, ”With his experience and leadership, the SDP is confident that Dr Tan will be able to lead the effort.”

With this new song that Dr Tan shared, is he also sharing a message with it, urging Singaporeans to join him in his cause?

As his lyrics suggest, he could very well be asking Singaporeans to strive with him on this new dream.

It seems Tan Cheng Bock has decided to answer the call to politics

Previously, Dr Tan has said that he indeed wants to help the opposition parties that came to him. He said, “Right now, the 7 parties have asked for my help. They are not the only ones who have spoken to me. I think I must help but in what capacity, I have not decided”. This song could mark a firm decision he has made with regards to the alliance, and how he would like the support of Singaporeans.