Is Dr Tan Cheng Bock hinting at a political comeback with his latest Facebook post?


Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s latest Facebook post has prompted yet another round of calls for him to ‘do a Mahathir’ and lead the opposition to victory at the next General Election.

Yesterday, Dr Tan posted a photo of himself seated at a busy food centre. Titling the post “LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE,” Dr Tan wrote: “Last weekend l was at Blk 726 West Coast Market and Food Centre. I was having breakfast with friends and sharing our views on current issues. There, I also enjoyed meeting and speaking to the many other people who were there at the Centre . Some of them were surprised to see me. The food centre was packed and doing well.”

The title of Dr Tan’s latest social media post is notable and many appear to have drawn links between Dr Tan’s post and what Malaysia’s Dr Mahathir Mohamad did during the watershed 2018 Malaysian General Election – Dr Mahathir listened to the people and led the opposition coalition against his former party to victory.

The 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad not only soundly defeated the incumbent at the polls but he also ushered in Malaysia’s first transition of power since independence. Interestingly, it was Dr Mahathir himself who helped establish the ruling Barisan National (BN) coalition in power and served as Malaysia’s longest-serving Prime Minister.

During the last General Election earlier this month, Dr Mahathir stepped out of retirement and left the ruling party to lead the opposition. Breaking the BN’s six-decade long monopoly, Dr Mahathir beat his one-time protégé Najib Razak and became the world’s oldest head of government.

Dr Tan congratulated Dr Mahathir for his historic win on Facebook after the Election. He wrote, in part: “You have shown that age has not prevented you from doing what u believe is right.”

Dr Mahathir’s win prompted many Singaporeans to draw parallels between the 92-year-old and Dr Tan. At 78, Dr Tan is 14 years junior to Mahathir. Much like Mahathir, Dr Tan was also with the ruling party previously and served as People’s Action Party (PAP) parliamentarian for 26 years, between 1980 and 2006. He was also elected into the PAP’s Central Executive Committee in 1987 and remained a member until 1996.

Dr Tan’s latest post has renewed calls for him to unite the opposition to take on the ruling party at the next Election:

Interestingly, these calls come even as some Singaporeans urge Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong to also ‘do a Mahathir’ and perhaps even join forces with his close friend, Dr Tan, to achieve success against the ruling party at the next Election:

Singaporeans clamor for Goh Chok Tong and Tan Cheng Bock to join forces and ‘do a Mahathir’


  1. If they could bar him previously from running again for the Presidency don’t you think they will come up with something against him to prevent him in some gerrymandering way of running again. I honestly don’t put it past them. I am not saying it will happen but there is a possibility.

    • Agree. If Dr Tan stands for next GE, I have a feeling, the G might come out with a new rule or amend the constitution, something like President reserved for Malays only !! Maybe this time round they may set the age requirement, e.g only below 75 years old can stand for election or election deposits likely to increase, etc. This is my fear !

    • I’m sure Dr. Tan Cheng Bock has seen what’s going on in Singapore all these years, even preventing him from standing for the Presidential Election. If he were to unite all the alternative parties and stand for the next GE, he may be able to do what
      Dr. Mahathir did, as our situation is quite similar to Malaysia, with the plundering of the CPF and the loses in Temasek and GIC without blinking an eye. They even have a free hand with the reserve without prior approval from the President, who is also part of the gang.

  2. Important you got to rope in all available oppositions party to be under 1 flag as Singapore is a small country. Than you gave to agree with the rest once under 1 flag who’s in charge n if you do win you must divide who to hold wat positions as an MP. Yr cause too play an important role here on wat you promise fellow Singaporeans should you win

    • No use one.
      Becos there are too many blind (69.9%) and retard (spoil vote).
      Saying there are no high calibre opposition so spoil vote..
      Do they have any figure of number of spoil vote?
      I believe even If all sppil votes are given to opposition, White will still win, but may 51/49 or 52/48

  3. It’s stupid to draw a parallel btw PAP and Najib’s over the top kleptomaniacal administration. Likewise comparing TCB to Dr M. One was a minor and perhaps popular past follower (at best) of the ruling party of the day with mainly sound bites as his claim to fame. The other the dominant apex leader with unequaled achievements for the country under his belt.
    As long as PAP stay clean, they’re “untopple-able”. No real viable opposition will emerge “from the ashes” like PH. And therein lies the problem… They can ram virtually any policy they want down our throats without fear of serious repercussions.

    • We can either coax, rally, convince or rara some of our ex leaders like GCT to go hand in hand with TCB… and probably pull a George Yeo out of the hat… how does this prospect sound? Or we might not even need to copy or do what our neighbours had done… why wait for a political heavyweight to lead us when we can conduct our due diligence and at the same time convince the hard core supporters that maybe just maybe their interests, be it business or otherwise, could be compromised if things stay the same..??!

    • Ariespief Ariespief I agree to the extent that even if the going is good, there should always be a check and balance, be it a credible opposition or even a fair system of “ombudsman”. But to have either come from a Pappy pedigree is likely counter productive and unacceptable to the “vocal minority”. That is the level of cynical distrust PAP seems to have created in a segment (at least) of Singapore society.

  4. If Dr Tan wants to win “HEARTS and TRUSTS ”
    He will have to SPILL THE BEANS
    Not to expose dirty laundries
    But to share what he has proposed when under PAP umbrella
    Unfortunately, which led to being isolated / unlisted in good book

    Shall see Shall see

  5. Dear Dr Tan, I address this note to you and MR Goh CT. Remember those years during Mr Goh’s PMship? The PAP painted a vision of Singapore as a country with a Swiss standard of living and a refined culture of its people with arts and self-actualisation as the order of the day? I think about this everyday especially whenever I see educated Singaporeans who speaks excellent English cleaning up coffeeshop tables, rummaging the dustbins in the middle of the night and even eating off remnants from meals abandoned by foreigners dinning at our eateries. How terrible this vision of PAP has dissipated into what it is today. Singaporeans are suffering unnecessarily and those who heard this promise then and had hoped for the Singapore Dream are today being held ransom in so many ways. We now watch foreigners, who can hardly speak and write the language of international business take over their places at schools, offices, banquets and fine-dining restaurants while we become servers. Not only that, we are even being mocked. Doesn’t our years of solid education, support for PAP and real solid business experience worth much more than what these people have to offer? Of course its all about making a few dollars more at the expense of Singaporeans. We have seen too many policies which are totally unacceptable by any standard because the motivation behind them are unethical and immoral and hurt our own people while benefiting foreigners and the so-called ‘ministers” themselves. But the one that took the icing was the suggestion that HDB flats are actually worthless when they reach 99 years. I am sure you too would be shock to hear these words coming out of people whom we have entrusted to safeguard our future. Our jobs are taken away, our future and now our home! There must be an end to this madness and to the dismantling of all that have been carefully crafted by the previous party members to make Singapore what it was. It just take a very short time to destroy everything we hold dear – including the name, “PAP”. Please help. Please do something. Singaporeans cannot do anything because we are being held ransom.