Business & Economy I earned $0 being a Grabcar driver

I earned $0 being a Grabcar driver




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In a letter written to this publication, Mr Chiang claimed that he earned just $1700 after working for over a month as a Grabcar driver. He said that Grabcar drivers have to be aware of many hidden charges that are levied on them, which eats into their earning.

Mr Chiang advised that members of the public should not be taken in my misleading advertisements like this one.


Mr Chiang said, “and there was once I emergency braked on the expressway to avoid an accident. Even though there was no accident, the passenger claimed whiplash against my insurer, and I have to pay $2000 excess.”

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Adding: “There goes my $1700 salary, I worked 1+ month for free.”

You see many promising advertisements like this, saying how you can earn $10,000 per month being a hardworking Grabcar driver.

But what is the real maths behind driving a Grabcar. A Grabcar driver, Aileen Azim, gives the real breakdown.
grabcarSo, be careful not to be lured by promotions and advertisement which give half-truths.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Aileen said that it is better to be a delivery driver than to drive a Grabcar.

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