Business & Economy Technology Here's how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages

Here’s how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages

That's the good news. The bad news is nothing ever goes away.




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Now you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages, meaning your faux pas are not wiped permanently.

There are a few ways to get hold of them.

The feature to remove messages in both individual and group chats is available across Android, iOS and Windows phones.

A note that reads “this message was deleted” is shown to recipients when you pulled the trigger.

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But the message is still stored on your phone and can be recovered using WhatsApp’s backup feature.

The function backs up all of your messages at 2am every morning although this frequency can be extended to just weekly or monthly.

Uninstall WhatsApp then install again from your device’s app store to read a deleted message.

You will be given an option to restore chats from backup once you’ve logged back in.

Select the restore options and your chats will be restored, including deleted messages which are shown as if they were never removed.

There are a number of third party apps that recover wiped WhatsApp messages if you don’t want to use backup.

Notification History Log and Notification Log are apps that show you all of the notifications stores in your device’s notification register, including those for WhatsApp chats.

There is a limitation though, you have to have interacted with the notification to read it.

For example swiping it from the notification bar or floating message.

Restarting your phone can reset your notification register, wiping any chance of spying on deleted messages.

Be careful of giving your WhatsApp notifications to third party firms as it carries a heavy security risk.

Besides that, there is a host of WhatsApp tricks you can use to alter your experience.

You can sign up to the beta version of the app to get all the latest features before the general public.

You can also change your WhatsApp font to confuse your friends.

And if that’s not enough, here are 16 fun WhatsApp tips that will change the way you use the app forever.

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