Featured News Gullible Najib violated election laws in Malaysia: Bersih

Gullible Najib violated election laws in Malaysia: Bersih




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The Bersih group, which campaigns for free and fair elections in Malaysia, has accused ex-PM Najib Razak of violating election rules after posting a pro-Barisan Nasional message on votings day.

Bersih said Najib’s posting was in violation of Section 26(1)(a) and (f) which deals in the limitation for campaigning on polling day.

The opposition won the tie against the BN in a by-election that saw the division of votes from the Islamists.

The watchdog said it plans to lodge a report with the Electoral Commission on the matter.

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In the posting, Najib said the election was 14 days before the Pakatan Harapan government will be in power for 100 days. He ticked the PH for not keeping up to all its promises made for its first 100 days in power.

“The price of petrol is still not lowered, the rakyat is still paying for tolls, Felda’s debt is not abolished, there is RCI for 1MDB and many more promises and accusations are seen as lies and slander,” he wrote.

In his rant, Najib pointed out that the price of goods has not gone down after the Goods and Services Tax was set to zero and would only be increased after the Service and Sales Tax is introduced.

He also said the by-election should be used by the people to give a warning to the PH government, calling them to vote against the PH.

“The people should give a warning that they do not want to be tricked and all the promises must be accomplished by the PH regime,” he wrote.

He also harangued the readers of his posting to give a chance to Barisan Nasional to become the voice of the opposition, a stronger voice, with the vote for the BN candidate Lokman Adam.

The Bersih movement said this posting was offensive and actions have to be taken against the ex-PM for campaigning on an election day.

The Justice Party or PKR of Anwar Ibrahim won the by-elections. Mohd Zawawi Ahmad Mughni the PKR candidate won Sunday’s by-election with a majority of 5,842 votes.
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