Government Statement on Dinesh Raman Reprehensible : Civil Society

The following is a media statement from the civil society members

SINGAPORE – We deplore the statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs in respect of the late Mr Dinesh Raman s/o Chinniah, entitled Statement regarding the case of Dinesh Raman s/o Chinniah, published on the ministry’s website on 13 September 2013.

There is a claim before the courts. The family desires to learn the facts of their son and brother’s death while in the custody of the Singapore Prison Service.  The details of the MHA press release pertaining to Mr Dinesh’s past, ostensibly in order to determine the quantum of compensation, have instead rehearsed  his past misdeeds in order to conduct a character assassination ahead of the court hearing. It is designed to swing public opinion from sympathy for the family. Moreover, these matters are irrelevant to the case before the court.

They were then repeated in the mainstream media without regard for the sensibilities of the family or basic norms of courtesy. We urge the media to show more sensitivity to the family’s situation.

The action of the ministry in publishing its press release is deeply wrong. It has done so in a way that is clearly intended to destroy Mr Dinesh’s posthumous reputation. We have no doubt that by doing so it has added to the deep grief of the family, already suffering the profound pain of their only son’s loss. It is entirely unseemly for the Ministry of Home Affairs to have done so.

As fellow citizens, we demand that the Minister for Home Affairs apologise to the family.

Leslie Chew

Priscilla Chia

Joshua Chiang

Stephanie Chok

Damien Chng

Jean Chong

Chong Kaixiong

Neth Chong

Choo Zhengxi

Fadli Bin Fawzi

Han Huihui

Gilbert Goh

Ho Choon Hiong

Kirsten Han

Russell Heng

Adrian Heok

Vanessa Ho

Dan Koh

Dana Lam

Vincent Law

Basil Lee

Lynn Lee

Corinna Lim

Lim Jialiang

Andrew Loh

Braema Mathi

Ng Yi-Sheng

Roy Ngerng

Ong Yanchun

Pak Geok Choo

Vivian Pan

Alfian Sa’at

Martyn See

Siew Kum Hong

Miak Siew

Isrizal Mohamed Isa

Shafiie Syhami

Constance Singam

Kenneth Tan

Roy Tan

Shawn Tan

Shelley Thio

Melissa Tsang

Vidula Verma

Jolovan Wham

Vincent Wijeysingha

Wong U-Wen

Terry Xu

Yap Ching Wi

Rachel Zeng