Foreign workers in Little India are walking time-bombs, PAP MP Denise Phua


Member of Parliament (MP) Denise Phua described the large gathering of foreign workers in Little India as “walking time-bombs” and said in Parliament that her residents should be protected from them. The MP for Jalan Besar GRC called for for communal areas in Little India, such as playgrounds and void decks, to be fenced-off from foreign workers.

Pointing out that crowds in the area have returned to levels before the Dec 8, 2013 riot, Ms Phua said that such clear demarcation will ensure that “the old and young can get to use the space meant for them”.

While acknowledging the contributions of foreign workers, the MP said her residents must be protected from “the disamenities that can arise from large gatherings”.

“Congregations of such high density are walking time-bombs and public disorder incidents waiting to happen,” she said.

More recreation centres should be built for foreign workers outside the Little India area, Ms Phua suggested.