ELD receives complaint on fanatical PAP site's posting on Polling Day


A complaint has been sent to the Elections Department on 30 May, Monday indicating that a fanatical Facebook page that openly supports the ruling People’s Action party might have contravened elections advertising regulations.

letter ELD on FAP
Email sent by Mr Lee to the Elections Department.

The email to ELD, sent by a Mr Lee, contains a link to a Facebook page that contains a screenshot of the PAP fan page that shows the page owner making a post on 7 May, Polling Day.

In the post, the PAP fan page made specific reference to the rally speech by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, when he supposedly called for voters to “vote Murali because he is working for you.”

FAP post polling day
Screenshot of the post by the fanatical PAP page.

ELD’s regulations prohibits the online posting of content on Cooling Off Day, and canvassing – trying to persuade a person to vote or not to vote in a particular way – is also not permitted on Polling Day.

Non-contesting individuals making posts on their personal social media channels have generally been exempted from the regulation. However, Ms Teo Soh Lung and Mr Roy Ngerng are currently under police investigation for posting messages on their personal Facebook page.

At time of publishing, ELD has not responded to Mr Lee on whether they will be taking action against the owners of the fanatical Facebook page supporting PAP.

The alleged post is currently nowhere to be found on the fanatical Facebook page. The page currently has a wide reach of more than 80,000 likes.