Home News Video of wild boar adorably "observing traffic rules" in Singapore goes viral

Video of wild boar adorably “observing traffic rules” in Singapore goes viral




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A rather adorable video capturing a wild boar “observing traffic rules” and crossing the road at a zebra crossing has been going viral online.

The video was first published on social media by Facebook user Eric Tan, last Saturday. Tan wrote: “In Singapore, you follow law by law, even wild boar observe traffic rules. #lawbylaw” Tan’s video quickly went viral, with over 72,000 views.

In the video, the wild boar can be seen crossing a short path between a sidewalk and a traffic junction by following the zebra crossing. As the creature makes it way, the man filming the video from a nearby car can be heard expressing surprise at what unfolded before his eyes: “Oh my God. The pig is crossing the road. Whaaaat?”

In Singapore, you follow law by law😅, even wild boar 🐗 observe traffic rules😂. #lawbylaw在新加坡,连野猪也遵守交通规则😂。

Posted by Eric Tan on Saturday, 24 November 2018

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The National Parks Board (NParks), a Government statutory board, attributes increased sightings of wild boars – which are native to Singapore – to “their quick reproduction rates, presence of ideal foraging habitats and the lack of natural predators all contribute to their population growth. These days they are increasingly spotted all over the island.”

Although the omnivorous creatures mainly feed on plants and seeds, skirmishes between wild boars and humans, such as road accidents and boar attacks, have been on the rise in recent months.

Environmental experts believe that the rise in human-boar conflicts could be due to rapid deforestation and increased development of forested areas that push the creatures out of their natural habitats.

NParks advises those who encounter wild boars to calmly walk away and avoid using flash photography as it may startle or threaten the animal, causing it to attack. NParks also reminds Singapore residents to refrain from feeding boars since it is unlawful to feed wild animals.

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