Construction workers helped cyclist who had ghastly fall when others ignored him


Cyclist Firdhaus Rasol shared in the Facebook page Love Cycling SG♥’s about how a group of construction workers came to help him when he had a ghastly fall and fell face first in East Coast Park on Saturday (3 Dec).

Firdhaus said that he was on his way to work at ECP when his bicycle chain snapped causing him to go over the bar. Only the helmet he was wearing saved him from more serious injuries. He said that he managed to walk away with just a few abrasions on his elbows and knees.

The cyclist said that what surprised him was that no other cyclists or passersby came to help him even if they were nearby. Only the construction workers rushed over to help him.

“They even offered me some murukku, lots of drinks, wash up my wounds and even tried to fix my chain so I can atleast cycle back home at Pasir Ris,” he said.

Firdhaus said that he was very thankful for the kind deeds of the foreign workers. A Facebook user who responded to the cyclist’s post said that the construction workers were the “heroes we need but don’t deserve.”