Chan Chun Sing thanks Low Thia Khiang for his contributions; says PAP looks forward to working with WP


Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing thanked veteran Workers’ Party politician Low Thia Khiang for his contributions, in Parliament today. Low recently handed over his post as WP secretary-general to Pritam Singh but remains in the party’s contributions.

Chan, who has been widely tipped to succeed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as head of government after the next election, said that Low is a fellow Singaporean and very much a part of Team Singapore, even though he sits on the opposite bench. He added:

“While we may not always agree with his perspectives or methods, we nevertheless appreciate his efforts to work together to build a better Singapore.
“Although Mr Low may have different perspectives, but from his speeches, we can detect his pride in Singapore and his determination to defend our sovereignty.
“Thank you Mr Low.”

Chan added that the ruling PAP Government looks forward to working with Pritam Singh and the WP to “put Singapore’s and Singaporeans’ interest first, always”.

The last time Chan interacted with Low in Parliament prior to his nod to the opposition leader today was when then-Education Minister Ng Chee Meng clashed with Low over the GST hike announcement.

After an interesting exchange, Low quipped that the GST hike could be debated during the rallies at the next General Election and drew laughs from the chamber. Chan Chun Sing can be noticed, uproariously laughing and gesticulating with both hands towards Low:

Ng Chee Meng took over Chan’s former posts as Minister in the Prime Minister and leader of the labour movement in the latest Cabinet reshuffle that occurred shortly after the exchange with Low.


  1. If really want to work with WP should have respected the norm of giving a ministerial post to 1 of the winner MP of Aljunied GRC since GE2011 as the “Pinky and the elites” always say there is a minister to lead in a GRC in their “nonsensical terms and partying circus of clowns, sheeples & minions”

  2. Hypocrite. A bunch of hypocrites. Since when did the PAP ever thank LTK or the WP for having Singapore’s or Singaporeans’ interest at heart? Oh yes, like only now…..since Barisan National got the boot out after their 61 year long reign. These whities must be shaking in their shoes fearing their comeuppance that lies ahead!

  3. Wonder that PAP could work with Chiam See Thong (former SDP) and Low Thia Khiang (now WP), but not with Chee Soon Juan (now SDP) or JBJ (former WP). Not to even mention KH or JW or those that shout Human rights ! Migrant workers rights ! Sex workers rights ! What Marxist conspiracy ! Something in CSJ or JBJ and these latter groups, that made PAP so dislike them.

  4. Need to ask those 70% voted PAP do they regret do they happy ? Going to increase GST to 9% , cpf cannot allow to buy HDB (not confirm but want they say for sure they do it, name those thing they say and never do answer is NO all mention they do it ) living cost go up , if u this 70% say happy we no word to say . If we already dry up make a change let the new government run it , all system is there take those good stay on those kill Singaporean remove it , change government don’t worry our police still working and stability our safety ,