Barriers erected in covered walkway in Fengshan? Impedes older and disabled users


With the prospect of 1 in 5 of the population being aged 65 years and above in Singapore by 2030, it is necessary that buildings are made barrier-free and user-friendly. But it seems one constituency is doing the exact opposite.

According to an online forum, barriers have been constructed in the covered walkway in Block 100, Bedok North Ave 4.
barrierIt is unknown when the barrier was constructed, but the block of flats are in the newly created single member constituency of Fengshan. The Member of Parliament for that constituency, Cheryl Chan, won Workers’ Party’s Dennis Tan in a close contest last election.

Workers’ Party had in the pastĀ askedĀ in Parliament how inclusive our society is. It pointed out that many older buildings are not barrier-free and so remain inaccessible to persons with disabilities.