Another Singapore agency discovers data theft affecting 70,000 members in the wake of Singhealth data breach


The Securities Investors Association (Singapore) has discovered a cybersecurity breach affecting about 70,000 members, in the wake of the massive Singhealth data hack that unfolded this month.

According to an email SIAS sent to its members, the personal particulars (such as names, NRIC numbers and telephone numbers) of about 70,000 members were illegally accessed and stolen.

Curiously, SIAS – which has been described as “Singapore’s leading voice for all minority shareholders” – has reported that the data breach happened five years ago, in 2013. It only recently discovered the hack and is now taking steps to rectify the situation.

Revealing that members’ records were not amended or deleted, SIAS assured members that it will take “all measures necessary to protect the data to avoid such a breach.” The Association added that it has taken down its website and will launch a new website shortly so as to “limit any potential threat.”

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