92-year-old Nightmare for 4G Leaders


By Augustine Low

Who would have thought that a 92-year-old man could present the biggest test for Singapore’s 4G leaders?

Now that Mahathir Mohamed has triumphed against all the odds to become Prime Minister of Malaysia once again, it could signal challenging times ahead for Singapore.

The wily old fox will be no pushover. The relations between Singapore and Malaysia, the good vibes shared by the Prime Ministers of both countries, could soon be a thing of the past.

It is safe to say there is no love lost between Mahathir and Singapore, at least on his side of the equation.

We keep hearing that the 4G leaders have a big challenge ahead. It now comes in the form and shape of Mahathir, who does not suffer fools gladly and who will seek to undo much of what his predecessor has done.

For Singapore’s sake, let’s hope that the likes of Chan Chun Sing is up to the task. But one fears that it could be a mismatch. If our 4G leaders do not step up their game, they will be easy meat for Mahathir who is a sound strategist and a wily politician.

Will the comeback of Mahathir make it necessary for Lee Hsien Loong to delay stepping down and handing over the baton?

Will it be a major setback for Singapore just when relations with Malaysia have taken a more cordial turn in the past several years?

Will the high speed rail still go ahead? Will there be a crooked bridge?

Many, many unanswered questions.

We have to salute Malaysians for the spirit and the courage to throw out the government. It sends a strong message. IMDB was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Our leaders must be fearing the worst but hoping for the best now that Mahathir is back in business.


  1. Malaysia’s stunning 14th GE: The ghost of a post worth reprising…

    A few days back I facebooked about the abiding ‘karmic wheel of justice’ dogging PM Najib and company for their past unspeakable transgressions. Indeed, this eerily ominous GE defeat for Najib’s governing party — rival Dr. Mahathir’s coalition barely surpasses the 112-seat parliamentary minimum for GE victory — now marks the end of Najib’s political future for certain and the beginning of the karmic reckoning for him and his associates (Baginda et al.). The unending, restless spectral shadow and the plaintive wail of the ghost of Ms. Altantuya never cease to beckon the nation’s conscience for redress and due justice. Featured below is said article of Apr. 29 posted then on my Facebook wall…


  2. I wish all Malaysians a prosperous road ahead. Having said that, Singaporean 4G leaders who were spoon fed after getting scholarships and pips, now will have to work with a different Malaysia government for the next foreseeable 10 to 15 years. We have Mahathir, later Anwar and of course Anwar’s wife. The 4 G leaders were groomed in a petri dish, fighting our own people. But Malaysia politics are a lot more complicated than Aljunied, Hougang, etc. Hope those Bugs Bunny and Bart Simpson don’t get cowed. At the same time, better work with Singaporeans and hear their voices. It’s not PAP vs opposition parties like WP, or PAP vs Singaporeans.

  3. I say, how can our so called 4G Leaders compared to Dr Mahathir? Like the saying goes, Dr M has consumed far more salt that our young punks consumed sugar their whole life thus far. In politic, old is gold. Youth may be cute but will not make the cut to outwit experience. When Dr M goes fishing, he will take to the rough sea in a sampan to chase for marlin. Our young punk 4G leaders? They head up to our moonsoon drains with a bucket to look for ikan bilis. Now do you still not know why PM Lee is so insecure and uncertain about the ability of his 4G side kicks to succeed him?

  4. (From my Fb posting May 10, 2018…)

    The grudging return of a nonagenarian éminence grise to the tumult of politics…

    FWIW, I shall stick my neck out here to engage in crystal-gazing for the world’s oldest elected PM, however gratuitous a sally that may be:

    1. Dr. M’s interim administration will successfully effect the transition to his intended long-term replacement in 18 months if not sooner.

    2. Chief among the items on his to-do list of his caretaker regime: to bring the 1MDB principal scoundrels and scalawags to book; not least, the restless ghost of Ms. Altantuya will finally be avenged thanks to Dr. M’s insistence, with the really guilty parties behind her murder to face justice eventually.

    3. Dr. M will not crucially upset the applecart with respect to foreign trade deals inked out by the Najib administration, particularly those with China.

    4. Ruefully, Dr. M’s bucket list will not include his ‘crooked-bridge’ pet project.

    5. In his last hurrah as the head of government, Mr. M will divest himself of his notoriety as a recalcitrant / cantankerous politician — labels he wore like a badge of honor — and instead will adopt the role as a born-again compromiser.

  5. …” let the law deal with those who break the law….” my old hometown Taiping is well known for its huge Federal Prison for Long term prisoners….may soon see some well known ….set – back no luxury hotels for rich visiting families…