Asia Malaysia Zakir Naik's Peace TV given acres of Putrajaya land?

Zakir Naik’s Peace TV given acres of Putrajaya land?




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Reports have it that embattled Islamist preacher-cum-political-speaker has been granted acres of land in the administrative city of Putrajaya.

Zakir, who was looking for a location in Malaysia to rebuild his Peace Tv, was given the large swaths of land in Malaysia as part of a deal that would prolong his stay in the country.

While the location is not disclosed, sources said the land was granted to the Peace Tv unit, and not to Zakir Naik in person.

It is known that Zakir is slowly moving his base out of India to establish his new home in Malaysia, where he is the source of racial tensions.

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According to sources, a major controversy erupted after the Dhaka Terror Attack in July 2016 when the investigations revealed that a terrorist involved in the brutal killings followed Zakir Naik’s page on Facebook.

The investigators said the terror suspect was influenced by Naik’s speeches, which they said seemed to be provocative in nature.

The terrorist had posted sermons of Zakir Naik on social media where Naik urged “all Muslims to be terrorists” saying “if he is terrorizing a terrorist, he is following Islam”.

Following this incident, the channel was banned in Bangladesh.

Hasanul Haq Inu, the Information Minister of Bangladesh said that “Peace TV is not consistent with Muslim society, the Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, Bangladesh’s Constitution, our culture, customs and rituals”

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