Lifestyle You know you live in Singapore when...

You know you live in Singapore when…

Singapore is well-known for these five unique quirks




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Every city or country you live in will definitely have something unique that makes them stand out. If you live in Singapore long enough you would also be aware of the little things that make Singapore, Singapore. For those who are born in Singapore or those who moved here due to work or other reasons, see if you can identify with these charming details that make the Lion City unique.

  1. Chewing gum is not allowed

Photo: Creative Commons

Who would have thought something as small as chewing gum be banned in the country? Since 1992, chewing gum has been banned due to vandalism on public transport. Selling or consuming chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore. Despite chewing gum company Wrigley’s lobbying to have chewing gum as part of the free trade agreement, the ban has not been lifted.

2. Reserving tables with tissue packet (Chope)

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Photo: Screengrab from YouTube

‘Chope’ is basically reserving tables at the hawker centre with a packet of tissue packet. Although it is widely practised, not everyone is happy with this controversial way of reserving tables especially during peak hours where the hawker centre is crowded and there are no vacant seats or tables. However, there is no other way of reserving a spot so this may be the only way to ensure you can enjoy your meal.

3. Waiting in line

Photo: Creative Commons

Everyone loves a good bargain. And with that in mind, you have to queue in order to get what you want. Be it at a luxury brand or even McDonald’s, there is always a queue somewhere in the mall. For limited edition items, sometimes the queue could even be more than a day. Is it worth it though? Well, get in line and you will find out.

4. Singapore is a ‘fine’ city

Photo: Creative Commons

To keep the Lion City safe and sound for its citizens, you need to have some laws in place. And with that also comes fines to make sure nobody misbehaves. An American teenager that studied at the Singaporean American School plead guilty to the crimes of vandalism and theft of street signs. Michael Fay was caned even though President Bill Clinton interceded on his behalf. In Singapore you will also be fined for littering, smoking and carrying durians in public transport among other offences.

5. Calling a stranger auntie or uncle

Photo: Creative Commons

Having proper manners is something that have been instilled in us since young. We have no idea how it started but calling someone auntie or uncle is a sign of respect even though we are not related to them. So if you meet someone more senior than you, do feel free to call them auntie or uncle. However, it does make them seem older! /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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