Relationships Woman complains that she regrets getting married, blames her rude and controlling...

Woman complains that she regrets getting married, blames her rude and controlling mother-in-law for pitting her husband against her

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Despite her conflicting emotions, the woman said that she was just doing to deal with everything and not complain about anything though netizens were skeptical about her being able to put her feelings aside

SINGAPORE: A woman who said she had a phobia towards marriage wrote that she just decided to rant about it because she married the wrong person.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman said that her “cousin married a rich man but the guy ended up straying round so I have been advised since young not to marry a man for money”. She then added that her “sister married for love but divorced after just two years, because she was very career-minded but did not have a supportive and understanding husband whom could give her the moral support she very much needed”.

Because her own grandmother told her not to rush into marriage too early she “I waited, waited and waited until I had no choice but to get married already. Even then, I still didn’t think I was ready for it”.

“After I got married, I almost instantly regretted it because I don’t think I’ve married the right person (and the right family, even though I had spent a lot of time with them before marriage). After I got married, my MIL suddenly became very demanding, rude, or I would say controlling”, the woman added. She then said that even though she managed to resolve the issues with her mother-in-law, she still became very protective of herself. Following her issues with her mother-in-law, she felt that the relationship with her husband soured “because the mother pitted him against me (which is understandable, since she likes to create chaos in people’s life, she loves creating drama and watching it, the whole extended family became broken apart because of her doings and endless gossiping)”.

“Though my partner has an admirable career, he also took up many hobbies which are not compatible with his social status. Which somehow affected my mood also, as a result, I always have self-doubt – doubting how come I have chosen this person to be my husband, even though he was my only boyfriend since young. I still love him of course, otherwise, I wouldn’t have still stayed with him”, she wrote.

Despite her conflicting feelings, the woman said that she was just doing to deal with everything and not complain about anything. Though she seemed to come to this conclusion, netizens did not seem to believe her. Here’s what they said:

Last year, a woman fed up with her mother-in-law for babying her 40-year-old husband took to social media to complain to others.

In a post on Wednesday (Sept 28), the woman wrote: “I find that in asian countries, especially singapore, i see a lot of mothers still being over protective of their son (even though the son is in their 30s already??) lagi worse if the son is the ONLY SON! treated like a treasure & the mother will do everything for him”. 

She added that her own mother-in-law would do everything for her husband. “from washing plates for him, packing his room, to even want to buy new underwear, new shirt, new socks”, the woman wrote.

Her mother-in-law would want to buy underwear for her husband because she claimed to know his “(waist) size). Many of her female friends also expressed the same thing. When on dates with men, often the guy’s mother would keep calling her son frequently asking if he had eaten and what time he would be returning home, her friends said.

“ur son close to 40s liao, he don’t know how to do all this meh? damn turn off leh.. my husband will try to settle his own stuff but MIL keeps “fighting” to do everything for him. as if to show off her “status” as an irreplaceable figure in his life{“, the woman wrote.

She asked if the issue was because the woman did not know how to let go of her son, or if the son himself enjoyed not having to do anything at home.

Woman says she hates it when her mother-in-law keeps babying her 40-year-old husband, packs his room and even wants to buy new underwear for him

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