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Who played Trump out in Najib’s Oval Office visit?

By Cordoba.Ali




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Well, the real question who got played out during that infamous visit of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to the White House?

The opposition in Malaysia is having a great time bashing the Prime Minister for falling on to a Public Relations firms that organised the trip.

Now those in the media industry will tell you that such a trip must have been a fully paid one, but paid by who?

Rumours are the Donald Trump administration did not pay for the trip, but it was paid by the Malaysian government.

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Hence, the USA did not put any real efforts in bringing Najib, accused of so many wrong doings, to the White House.

If we agree on that, then we have to come to terms with the fact that the USA did not lose anything during this visit.

Except that it got bashed by some serious journalism in Washington for allowing what they called a ‘tainted’ political leader to visit the Oval Office.

The Sarawak Report said in no uncertain terms that Najib’s visit was a desperate PR gambit by Najib to con voters back home.

Opposition portals swear the Najib visit lasted 30 minutes, during which the Malaysian PM made wild promises to Trump and offered to buy a number of aircraft and spend some RM60 million on military equipment.

Trump had a big grin and Najib was forcing his smile out, says netizens, over the successful trip for Trump who lost nothing but gained the unlimited support of a ‘tainted’ PM.

Ah, the only thing Trump lost in the op is that he courted disapproval from a number of journos and a number of people.

Newsweek, for example, had a headline that read: Trump meeting with Malaysian Crook Najib Reeks of Swamp.

But the other question to ask is why did Najib have to go to the US and meet President Trump to tell the world that the ailing Malaysian Airlines is suddenly jumping from a short haul strategy to a long haul strategy in one year?

That is the mystery that many will have to ponder upon until next time!

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