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Up close and personal with PSP’s Dr Tan Cheng Bock

Dr Tan spoke about his career path saying that it has always been his passion to help the common man and that propelled him to turn down highly profitable roles at posh clinics, citing how he wanted to work at a place where he had value




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In the latest in a series of videos released by Progress Singapore Party (PSP) in a bid to allow members of the public to get an intimate glance into the candidates running in the upcoming General elections, PSP Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock finally took the stage.

Speaking fondly of his humble origins from Kreta Ayer, Chinatown to Kampong Bahru, Dr Tan touched on the simplicity of life back then- where his entertainment came in the form of playing marbles. His teacher from Radin Mas Primary was a nurturing man who instilled a myriad of important values, such as compassion, in his students. He went on to become the first student scoutmaster in his secondary school, Raffles Institution.

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Agreeing wholeheartedly with Former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s statement that “we must spread the talent”, Dr Tan expressed his own views on how gifted students should not be confined to just one elite school. He was also pleased with the sheer spread of career options available for the youth to pursue these days.

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He spoke of his marriage and how his wife had stood by him while he had been jobless following his departure from the SAF. Prospective employers had been scared to employ him and even the Ministry of Health had asked him to return to the Ministry of Defence but even then, Dr Tan refused.,

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“I want to serve,” said Dr Tan, and it was this passion to help the common man that propelled him to turn down highly profitable roles at posh clinics, citing how he wanted to work at a place where he had value.

Moving on, when probed on the issue of the increasing number of Singaporeans migrating, he implored citizens not to call them ‘disloyal’ but instead to let them go so they would be our ambassadors in these foreign countries.

‘Think out of the box, and you will get things done’, he states, of his time in public service.

He went on to reminisce about his foray into politics where he served as an MP in Ayer Rajah SMC which followed quickly behind his medical career. The idea of converting one’s parents’ CPF money as a sort of loan scheme to allow students to pursue a tertiary education can be credited to Dr Tan as well and he spoke of how it was important to help people in any way possible.

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“Our society must move away from the concept that money is very important”, asserts Dr Tan.

He ended off stating how all Singaporeans wanted was a good political system that would help bring them further in the world and since he, Dr Tan, possessed the necessary qualities and expertise required in the political arena, he felt it was his civic duty to step up and serve the nation in any way he could.

Comments on his video were overwhelmingly supportive with many netizens assuring him of their vote.

In the upcoming 2020 General Elections, Dr Tan Cheng Bock will be contesting in West Coast GRC against the incumbent PAP.

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