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Track circuit fault causing Jurong East platforms closure left unreported on SMRT social media pages




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A “track circuit fault” caused platforms D and E at Jurong East MRT station to be unexpectedly closed during evening peak hours today, inconveniencing countless commuters.

Besides the platforms closure, all the escalators were inexplicably moving in a single direction, downwards, causing even heavier congestion in the station.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman, Ms Zarina, told reporters that she was forced to climb the stairs as other commuters in the crowded station were “pushing (her) off the lift.”

SMRT staff were seen redirecting crowds after from the closed platforms that had been cordoned off as commuters hoping to travel along the North-South and East-West MRT lines during the busy peak hours experienced travel time delays.

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SMRT vice president of corporate communications, Mr Patrick Nathan, later confirmed to reporters: “Only one platform was available for commuters on the North-South Line. While there were no delays to train arrival timings, commuters experienced congestion on the platform.”

He added that station announcements were made to keep commuters informed.

However, no announcements of the platforms closure or congestion and ensuing travel time delays at Jurong East station were reported on SMRT’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


Keeping commuters abreast of travel time delays due to service faults would have helped commuters make alternative travel arrangements or at least help them plan their trips better.


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