Business & Economy Startups Today’s top tech news, April 23: AT&T’s 5G marketing madness is confusing...

Today’s top tech news, April 23: AT&T’s 5G marketing madness is confusing the hell out of customers




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Also, Tesla made robotaxis and Google’s sexual harassment scandals grow ever more scandalous by the day

AT&T’s 5G marketing madness is confusing the hell out of customers — [The Verge]

Fresh out of the courtroom with Sprint over a false advertising lawsuit, AT&T’s current marketing strategy is proving to be a huge disaster despite attaining real 5G faster than its US competitors. And the worse part is, the company refuses to ditch its meaningless, confusing, 5G logo.

According to The Verge, although AT&T has stated plainly that 5G Evolution isn’t actually 5G, many of its customers are still misled into believing they’re accessing a next-generation network through pure obfuscation.

However, all the ‘hype’ really amounts to is an underachieving rebranded of its LTE network technology.

Tesla claims a plan to launch a fleet of robotaxis next year — [TechCrunch]

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In 2020, Tesla, adopting a similar business model to Uber or Airbnb, plans to launch its first robotaxi as part of a broader vision for an autonomous ride-sharing network.

This new move is specially engineered for places where there aren’t enough people to share their cars. All new Tesla vehicles are now produced with custom self-driving computer chips that Elon Musk claims to be the “best in the world”.

Techcrunch foresees recharging the Tesla robotaxis to be one of the few challenges that the company will face as it prepares to deploy.

Riots and retrenchment: Google’s sexual harassment protesters claim that their positions were threatened — [Cnet]

Sources from Cnet revealed today that the two Google employees who were in charge of starting a worldwide walkout from the company last November now claim that the search giant company has changed their positions ‘dramatically’.

Wired reports that Meredith Whittaker, the head of Google’s Open Research, and Claire Stapleton, a marketing manager at YouTube, were told that their roles would change several months after the walkout. More than 20,000 full-time workers and contractors have been affected while participating in the walkout.

Grab introduces 4 new services to its core app in Singapore — [e27]

Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant Grab today announced the introduction of four new services to its core app in Singapore.

The services include:

  1. Hotels for bookings — where users to book hotels and other accommodation from Agoda directly on Grab’s app.
  2. Videos for on-demand video streaming — users to access online video content through its app, as the result of its partnership with HOOQ.
  3. Tickets for ticket purchases, starting with movie tickets — Grab’s partnership with BookmyShow will offer movie tickets search, book, and comparison tools.
  4. Trip Planner for integrated public transport service — for users to plan their transit journey with real-time public transportation information and end-to-end directions.

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

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