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Three possible reasons for the riot




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Except  for a few policemen and a couple of damaged civil defence vehicles, the scene  where the first Singapore riot in decades occurred was quiet this morning.  A Singaporean, S Saravanamuthu, was not even aware that a mob of foreign  Indian workers had attacked a coach and police and civil defence vehicles in a  fury that erupted after one of their citizens was killed in a bus  accident at about 9.30 pm last night.
After getting some  information  from a passerby, Saravanamuthu, was seen shaking his head and  asking in Tamil: Eppidi, eppidi (how, how) Three  possible  reasons:
CHEAP ALCOHOL: Nearly every shop in Little India  sells liquor at rock bottom prices. A small can of Tiger beer costs $3, nearly  $2 less than in many other places. Indian alcohol is available at even  cheaper prices. Workers eating, drinking and making merry in open spaces every  Sunday evening is quite common. The morning-after scene is one of empty cans,  unfinished food and vomit.
A restaurant owner who does not serve alcohol  said: “This was just waiting to happen. I see drunk workers outside my  restaurant every weekend. They are very well behaved at first; after alcohol  goes in they get argumentative, start shouting and even end up fighting.  Luckily, other workers act quickly and separate the fighters.”
ANGER AND  EMOTION: Seeing one of their citizens crushed under the coach must have angered  the workers so much that they lost their senses. The influence of alcohol  must have made things worse.
MOB FURY: All you need is a spark for things  to get out of hand. That spark came when they saw one of their own  kind being crushed to death and all hell broke loose.
Below is a video of police cars being overturned:
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=yUrqYFjP7IY”]

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