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This is what Kim and Kanye did on date night




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and went on a romantic on Saturday at a friend’s backyard wedding and this had tongues waggling.

Kim Kardashian took the opportunity to dispel that she was on the verge of with husband .

Kim, 39 went on Instagram Stories to share photos and videos of the wedding. She posted photos from the celebration, including a shot of a ‘rare’ cocktail and a photo of her and 43-year-old Kanye’s shoes with the caption, ‘Date night.’

The duo’s out put to rest the rumours that Kim was facing an impending from her husband of six years.

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The reality star did not show her husband’s face in the photos but only showed his shoes in her social media postings.

Kim enjoyed the delicious food and Frank Sinatra during the celebration. ‘It’s a rare night that I have a drink,’ wrote Kardashian as she documented the entire celebration on her Instagram Story.

She took a photo of her first drink for the night, which was a deep shade of pink and had a citrus garnish.

The photo also showed off Kim’s black espadrille inspired heels and her iridescent designer handbag.

Another photo showed the KKW Beauty founder putting her drink on the ground and posing next to her musician-turned designer husband Kanye.

The place was filled with potted flowers and each wooden dining table had pink and yellow arrangements. Kim also snapped photos of the bride and groom as they exchanged vows.

After the ceremony ended and the sun set, Kim and the other guests head to the reception. ‘Guess I need it!’ captioned Kim on one post where she looks to be sipping on a glass of white wine.

The reality star then recorded a video of the different flower arrangements as Frank Sinatra played in the background. Kim gave her 189 million followers a glimpse of the yummy dish she was served. ‘Sweet corn pasta is my absolutely fav pasta,’ she wrote.

Earlier in the day, Kanye went on Twitter to share some footage from a local celebration during his trip to Haiti. The rapper was seen joining a large group dance and also spitting out some bars from behind a mask while taking in the scenery.

Prior to this, Kanye was in Jamaica before heading to Haiti. The Miami Herald reported that Kanye landed at Hugo Chávez International Airport in Cap-Haïtien in the country’s northern area, where he ran into tennis star Naomi Osaka.

President Jovenel Moise met up with Kanye and gave him a tour of the island. The rapper was seen on Instagram videos, having fun with the music and dancing.

It was not sure if it was thrown in his honour. Kanye looked like he was recording the moments with his phone before he joined the dancers.

The rapper wore a white graphic shirt and black track pants with thick beige stripes running down the legs. There was another video where Kanye freestyle rap while surrounded by people.

Kanye West visited Haiti recently. Picture: Instagram

He then joined a group of drummers and flautists but his bars could not be understood in the short video. Kanye had his phone in front of him, possibly to read off existing lyrics.

The Monster hitmaker did not state his reasons for Haiti but he did share Twitter posts on Saturday that he was interested in the country because of its history of overthrowing French colonialists.

‘Haiti is where our people started the first revolution that freed us from slavery,’ he wrote in one tweet that included a paint of Haitians battling the French.

Following that, Kanye posted another tweet with a photo of his own showing a crowd of people gawking at him.


Haiti’s Tourism Ministry announced that Kanye will be visiting a plant breeding centre in the northwest part of the island that was being launched by the president. The rapper was also expected to stop by the port of Labadee and Tortuga Island. He was only accompanied by his entourage on the trip.

Last week, insiders told Us Weekly that Kim was ‘deeply disappointed and sad’ because of her husband’s ongoing mental health issues.

‘Being isolated and alone essentially in his head isn’t healthy for Kanye,’ an insider said.

They confirmed that the producer hadn’t been adhering to the care plan that he and Kim agreed on, though she ‘isn’t surprised’ by that development and partly blames it on the ongoing pandemic.

Although she was able to overlook his erratic tweets, it was ‘the mood swings and the manic episodes [that] are extremely difficult for Kim to help Kanye cope with.’

Kanye had previously been staying isolated at his Wyoming ranch, and after taking a family vacation he’s gone back to travelling on his own.

The couple share four children: North, seven, Saint, four, Chicago, two, and Psalm, 16 months.

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