Entertainment Celebrity The Rescue star nearly drowned during filming of underwater scenes

The Rescue star nearly drowned during filming of underwater scenes

Eddie Peng mentions being traumatised and describes them as the hardest scenes he has ever done




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Action films like Chinese movie The Rescue are all about nail-biting stunts and physical challenges.

Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng plays the lead role in this film and he was traumatised after filming some scenes in the water. He shared that those were the hardest scenes he had ever done.

Dante Lam, the director of the film, told media that Peng almost drowned during filming.

Lam said: “He was pulled 6m into the water. Of course we had responders on hand but, by the time they got to him, he had drunk some water. Thankfully he was really calm and did not panic and that helped him to stay safe.”

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The Rescue is about the lives of the members of the China Rescue and Salvage team and the missions that put them in life-threatening situations. The film premiered in Singapore on Thursday (Dec 31).

Peng, 38, plays the role of Gao Qian, the captain of the team and a father to a five-year-old boy. In an interview with AsiaOne, he said: “I think the hardest scenes to film were the ones in the water. After filming it, I had trauma. The most dangerous ones had to be the scenes that were shot in Mexico… we had to be submerged in the water and the temperature of the water was very low. The shoot lasted for a few days as well.”

Peng said the rescue scene with the plane that had “crashed” into the water was difficult because it was in an enclosed space. He also felt “very uncomfortable” in the eyes as they did not wear goggles while filming in the water.

Peng has been known to be a heartthrob with his boy-next-door looks and personality. With this new role, the actor tries to change the stereotype by playing a family man with a son. He said that he hopes viewers would see his character and not him as an actor when watching his films.

Eddie Peng in The Rescue. Picture: Instagram

“I feel like every time I act, I hope that people see a character and not mine. I hope the viewers will get some insight from the films and my roles,” he replied.

He added that The Rescue is a touching and meaningful film that tells the story of a common man who happens to be part of the rescue team.

The filming of the movie was delayed earlier in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Subsequently, The Rescue took on a whole new meaning for Peng.

He said: “Before the pandemic, it was just a film about a rescue team. After the pandemic hit, it is a film about a rescue team, and the unsung heroes who put their lives on the line.

“The first responders have made the most sacrifices in the past year and they are deserving of respect and acknowledgement. They are really protecting and defending us.” /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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