Entertainment Celebrity The late Goo Hara's Twitter account hacked for the second time

The late Goo Hara’s Twitter account hacked for the second time

Admins of the account deleted the tweet that has caused a lot of unease and distress among Hara’s fans




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Much to the dismay of fans, a report on Allkpop on January 14 says the Twitter account of the late Goo Hara has been hacked once again.

A year ago, an anonymous person hacked Hara’s Twitter account posting a mysterious tweet.

On January 13th, a hacker posted another tweet from her account with the message, “I want to introduce my unnies to some boyfriend. Any single and nice guys add me to your friend list,”  and included various Kakao IDs.

Admins of the account deleted the tweet that has caused a lot of unease and distress among Hara’s fans.

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On December 14, 2020, the hacker twitted a mysterious message saying “123 9ld9c” from Hara’s Twitter account, bewildering fans and worrying them. This caused concerns among several fans who are not happy that Hara’s account is continuously hacked.

The latest hack on Hara’s account has agitated fans, while many are angry at the individual who is committing such acts.

Goo Hara committed suicide last year. Picture: Instagram

Netizens reported the tweet. Replying to the hacker, they wrote, “Hara is in heaven, who keeps posting things like this? It’s annoying,” “It’s disgusting that someone can do something like this,” “I hope your actions can bring suffering later,” “Stop, it’s not funny anymore,” and “I’m going to report this tweet as spam and I’m going to report all those Kakao IDs as well.”

Hara was found dead at her home in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 24, 2019. Hara’s Instagram is now a memorial account that no one can edit except for the bereaved family members.

Fans have been requesting for Hara’s Twitter to made into a memorial account as well after the first hacking incident.

The South Korean celebrity Goo Hara, 28 was a member of popular K-pop girl group Kara. Singers Goo Hara, Park Gyu-ri and Han Seung-yeon formed part of the group. Hara began her solo debut in 2015 with the EP Alohara (Can You Feel It?after Kara split.

Goo Hara have tried to take her own life six months before her death. The singer apologised to fans in May 2020  after her suicide bid. Recovering in the hospital she apologised, saying she is sorry for causing concerns and a commotion.

She was recovering from health problems and she had been in agony over a number of overlapping issues. Hara then said that from then onwards, she will steel her heart and try to show up healthy.

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