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Tencent, InVent to speak at Echelon Thailand, joins 40 other companies for Corporate Innovation track




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How Do Corporations Deal With The Startup Revolution? Deep diving into 3 prongs of 500 Startups and INSEAD’s “swiss army knife” of Corporate Startup Engagement – join the biggest names in Thailand to discuss successes and challenges of staying relevant in an ever-growing and evolving ecosystem. Check out the agenda below.

Corporate Innovation Track
Opening Presentation: How Do Corporations Deal With The Startup Revolution?
Speaker & Moderator: Arnaud Bonzom, Director of Corporate Innovation, 500 Startups

As an increasing majority of industries become challenged by startups – not only should large technology companies be on the lookout for that small team of engineers in a garage or a lone founder in a fancy co-working space – banks, carmakers, FMCG companies and even port operators are keeping an eye over their shoulder. Yet, these very corporates are either adapting way too slowly, or engaging startups with tried and tested ways.

Join 500 Startups and e27 at Echelon Thailand for the first in a regional series of Corporate Innovation discussions, as we deep dive into the tactics dominating in Thailand:

content adapted from How Do The World’s Biggest Companies Deal With The Startup Revolution?

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Panel Discussion: Corporate Accelerators

Accelerators & Incubators provide opportunities for corporations to support a small group of startups during a relatively short period of time (most of the time between three and six months). Typically, corporations offer founding help, space and mentoring in exchange for equity. The first such programme was launched 10 years ago by Y Combinator. Corporate accelerators represent a perilous strategy due to high cost and a very small sample of startups to work with. How have the biggest companies in Thailand tackled this?

Includes Q&A. Expect panelists from the likes of: DTAC, RISE Accel, Telstra, Amadeus and more!

Panel Discussion: Corporate Venture Capital

The main goal of an investment is to own a stake in a fast growing-startup for strategic or financial reasons. A financial investment is often done with the goal of a financial return whereas a strategic investment is done most of the time for a supplier, customer or competitor with the main purpose of integration down the road. A strategic investment could also be done from the perspective of diversification. Such investments can be done through a variety of vehicles. How have some of Thailand’s largest telcos, banks, property groups adopted this strategically?

Includes Q&A. Expect panelists from the likes of: InVent, Ananda, Digital Ventures, McKinsey and more!

Also read: 500 Startups partners with Echelon, plans to showcase Southeast Asia startup ecosystem to corporates

Panel Discussion: Corporate M&A: Thailand and Beyond

Large cash reserves and opportunities in emerging markets may drive the deal activity in the next few years. This category also includes acquihires whereby an acquisition is done to acquire the team instead of the product or service. How have global technology/ internet companies and regional powerhouses in travel and finance used this to stay ahead of the curve?

Includes Q&A. Expect panelists from the likes of: Agoda, Google, Amadeus, Tencent and more!

Open Forum: Topic Roundtables

Get up close and personal! After a good lunch, reconvene to join 12 break-out discussions led by speakers from earlier three panels for further discussions and “office hours”.

Join the conversation! What a Corporate Pass entails:

  • Premium Online Access
  • Access to Conference Stages
  • Corporate Innovation Track (Roundtables)
  • Regional Ecosystem Intel Report (Trial)
  • Search and Message Who’s Attending
  • Access Marketplace Exhibitions
  • Access Day 1 Networking Drinks, Access Day 2 After Party, Access to Invite-Only Day 0 Private Dinner

Limited spaces left. Register now to secure yours!

Echelon Thailand 2017 is a digital insights, connections, talent and funding platform and power-packed two day conference (May 15-16, C asean Bangkok) set to empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies across Southeast Asia and beyond. Join us for more regional market access opportunities and insights across Southeast Asia – learn more here.

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