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TangoTab app launched to help address the hungry in Singapore

When a diner registers on the app that he or she is eating at a TangoTab partner restaurant, Tango Tab donates funds to Food Bank Singapore that will go toward feeding someone who’s hungry




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Singapore—Over the weekend, an app was launched in Singapore that is aimed to feed the increasing number of hungry people all around the country.

TangoTab, which has been available in the United States and Canada in the last few years, joined hands with Food Bank Singapore (FBSG), and together, they were able to feed 1,000 people on Saturday, April 13.

How does Tango Tab work?

Food establishments work in partnership with TangoTab. When a diner registers on the app that he or she is eating at a TangoTab partner restaurant, Tango Tab donates funds to FBSG that will go toward feeding someone who’s hungry.

According to its profile, “TangoTab is a free service with free offers that supports a GREAT cause. TangoTab offers compelling discounts to local restaurants that are available for immediate use. There’s no need to pre-purchase, just claim an offer, visit the restaurant and enjoy.

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The best part is every time someone dines out with a TangoTab offer, someone in need is fed through local food banks and national -related charities.”

Since it was founded in 2012, TangoTab has been able to donate more than 3 million meals to hungry people in different parts of the world.

A press release from TangoTab says that each week, 7 out of 10 Singaporeans have dinner in a restaurant, and over 6 out of 10 have lunches out as well.

Andre Angel, who founded Tango Tab and is currently its CEO, says that the company selected Singapore for launching the app since it’s viewed as a country where people take care of their neighbors, the Straits Times (ST) reports.

“In Singapore, one in 10 individuals go to bed hungry every night. The launch of the TangoTab app in Singapore is only the first step towards creating a sustainable impact in this city to help feed the poor. We are here to stay and we know that together with FBSG, we can either end or come really close to doing so.”

There are already more than 500 restaurants across Singapore, including Ya Kun Kaya Toast and McDonald’s, that have partnered with TangoTab.

Mr Angel added that his company has not received a “no” from any of the restaurants they’ve asked to become partners of TangoTab.

On the part of FBSG, its co-founder Nicholas Ng said, “Together as a community, we are able to take greater strides for all.”

He also said that FBSG has always looked for “innovative partnerships” in order to fulfill its mission.

Mr Ng said that some of FBSG’s beneficiaries don’t even get to have hot meals. TODAY reports him voicing his concerns that Food security in Singapore is “getting worse,” as proven by a Lien Centre for Social Innovation study of 236 households in 2018 that shows that almost one out in every 5 people in the country are subject to severe .

He said, “They don’t just have to worry about whether these families have enough food, they worry about school books, clothes, the whole thing.”

Singapore’s first food bank community event

The event was held at City Square Mall in Kitchener Road. Attendees were not only fed, but were able to participate in cooking demonstrations, attend talks on and food waste issues, and learn much about these issues.

In its Facebook page, TangoTab Singapore wrote, “One down! Our very first Singapore Feed the City was a success! Thank you @foodbanksg for organising and City Developments Limited for the venue sponsorship! Not forgetting everyone who came down and did your part to #tangotabit! With TangoTab, when you eat, they eat. Together, we can end hunger in Singapore!”

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