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Tan Cheng Bock unleashes his musical talents at Tanglin Halt live concert

The veteran politician has also been working the ground by visiting hawker centres in various parts of Singapore since he announced his new Progress Singapore Party, last month




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As the opposition parties in Singapore are gearing up for the next General Election, which may be held as early as this year, Dr Tan Cheng Bock took time out of his busy schedule to unleash his musical talents at a live concert at Tanglin Halt on Monday (25 Feb).

All eyes have been on Dr Tan, even before the former PAP MP announced that he has applied to form an opposition party with fellow ex-PAP cadres.

Dr Tan said on Facebook that he was invited to a community event at Tanglin Halt on Monday. Sharing that he was keen to attend and support such events that bring the community together, Dr Tan said that he ended up singing a song on stage with the live performers:

“Last night, a friend invited me to a live concert at Tanglin Halt Open Plaza. The concert featured The Quests with Vernon Cornelius. He kindly invited me onstage to sing a song for me and I choose “Save the last dance for me”. Somehow, I ended singing as well – but it was fun and I hope the crowd enjoyed it. There were also dances and other performances. Events like these bring communities together and we should attend and support them.”

This is not the first time Dr Tan has publicly unleashed his many musical talents. He has said in the past that his favourite musical instrument is the ukulele. Dr Tan, who has played the ukulele at various events including weddings, said in 2015:

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“I love playing the ukulele. It is a very simple musical instrument I learned to play during my scouting days.”

During National Day last year, Dr Tan and his friends from Raffles Institution made a special tribute to Singapore with a special ukulele performance of the song ‘Count On Me’. He had said then:

“My dear Singaporeans, my Raffles Institution alumni friends and I made this ukelele video to express our love for Singapore and to celebrate National Day 2018. It’s a timeless song of hope and vision for a better Singapore. May the song speak for your heart as it does for mine.”


This is not the first time Dr Tan dedicated a ukulele performance of the same song to Singaporeans. In 2011, he presented the same song with a young performer:

Dr Tan also dedicated a ukulele performance of the song ‘I understand’ to all Singaporeans, that same year:

https://www.facebook.com/TanChengBock/posts/2475200205887833?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAoS0e_z74CXP23tF0vDmkEtbPzA1_6ysyxj3ASx6tPGarb-LP6JlLJ5IHOaKTLuyf4y5Tq-llWeAiU6Crcc2i2s-SK7GP3NVLrkrNSI7GDviqli_ZOp7amy1KZ084MnI8tbFsBiGya7XwmByUmihFW8ujbjDHZVmZUvvruuqGe3Z0SSKYBO8vmWoS_C1cZAWz11rWKrEaOKZZ2CzBq4YjeCsXMexIM8ePCR0urzoMgIMz6w_mLClleljytHXpfQ8dqLzCeclc97PZEiZPd5AF36NmU0pCO8UmuGMQC9LnY1HXvYzmvZ-7K7KODF9Ry7oKYgk3H7M2GLnLz1QMh6vKIlQ&__tn__=-RFollow us on Social Media

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