Lifestyle Health & Fitness Stupid things that people are doing during the circuit breaker

Stupid things that people are doing during the circuit breaker

TISG has listed 5 bizzare things that people have done during this period




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The whole point of the Singapore’s circuit breaker measure is to break the chain which keeps Covid-19 alive and kicking. This is why Singaporeans are temporarily working and learning from home. However, as perfect adherence by all citizens to any mandate only exists in Utopia, it is no surprise that less than two weeks into the month-long circuit breaker, Singapore has already witnessed a number of crazy incidents surrounding the safety measures put in place.

Here’s a list of 5 bizzare things people have done during this circuit breaker while the Government works closely with front liners to wage war on Covid-19:

1. Film the police when they confront you for not wearing a mask to the market.

Yes, according to a recent report, a video of a woman undaunted by the presence of police authorities has circulated the internet. What is surprising about the clip, however, is how she films the police the entire time they confront her for not wearing a mask to the market. As expected, the blatant act drew public ire.

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A woman with attitude is great–just not this way.

Go market no wear mask

Already nicely say go market must wear mask, but still buay song and film police. This CB champion think she very special issit?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

2. Insist you’re not wearing a mask because you’re “running”…when you’re actually walking.

The Singaporean Government has given specifics as to which activities don’t require masks, and which ones do. People who are engaging in strenuous activities like running or jogging don’t need to wear a mask, as doing so could hamper their breathing. However, because walking is not a strenuous exercise, anyone walking about must be donning a mask. It’s that simple.

No surprise why a concerned citizen shared this video of a man he saw walking around without wearing a mask.

<Reader's Contribution>Some people is really stubborn. Go outside to walk also refuse to wear mask still say he is running when he is walking.

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Thursday, April 16, 2020

3. Making out drunk in public during a nation-wide circuit breaker.

They say love makes you do stupid things…for this couple though, the price for stupidity was S$600.

After being caught doing what lovers do–together with a bottle of liquor, Singaporean police had to intervene and fine them for not adhering to the measures put in place for everyone’s safety.

So fast get $600 from gov then give back gov $300

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Monday, April 13, 2020

4. Using your feet to press the lift buttons.

2020 comes, and suddenly, everyone is lobbying for sanitisation and cleanliness to be maintained everywhere. There has never been this much collective hate against unseen germs, bacteria, and viruses.

No wonder this video of an individual using his feet to press the lift button caught the attention of many.

<Reader's Contribution by EL>Look at this covidiot using his dirty feet to press the lift button. Did he even consider about the rest of his neighbours who will have to touch the button next?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Saturday, April 11, 2020

5. Urinating in broad daylight.

Cleanliness and hygiene seem to be at the top of everyone’s list nowadays. Well…for most people at least.

No wonder this video of a man urinating in broad daylight has circulated the internet as well.

Sir, we have bathrooms for a reason.

<Reader's Contribution by Lee>Now got covid liao during CB then still got CB people anyhow pee outside in broad day light! See his hand also holding his tabao food, so unhygienic!!

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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