Business & Economy Startups Startup generator Antler unveils 13 startups at its first Demo Day

Startup generator Antler unveils 13 startups at its first Demo Day




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The startups span multiple verticals including relatively nascent industries such as e-sports

Singapore-based startup generator and early-stage VC Antler has today officially unveiled the 13 startups of its inaugural batch at a demo day held at the Google Campus in Singapore.

These startups were first initiated into the programme in July last year and were the result of Antler’s intensive selection process (only 3 per cent of applicants are accepted) that brought in 62 founders from over 22 countries globally.

The companies span a broad range of industries including real estate, e-sports, marketplace, fashion, hiring, financial, robotics and automation, retail, lifestyle and more.

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After five months of finding the right solution to build, finetuning their business model, and working with Antler’s global network of mentors, the startups finally took to the stage to present their products to a room of investors and entrepreneurs

Without further ado, here are the 13 startups that pitched:


Singapore-based startup COVE is building a home rental marketplace so renters can search for homes, book viewing appointments and secure their tenancy all on a single platform.

Another advantage it offers renters is flexible leases, which can be as short as just three months.

COVE also helps landlords to make their homes more attractive to potential tenants by furnishing these homes with stylish fittings, smart TVs, kitchenware and wifi.

The company said its service is compliant with government regulations set out by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It aims to manage 750 homes in Singapore by the end of this year.


AutoSahulat is a Pakistan-based auto repair marketplace. The company aims to make the auto repair industry more efficient by building a one-stop digital platform that aggregates a list of maintenance and repair service providers.

All necessary information on these providers is provided transparently so customers can compare between them and rate their services.

The company currently has 100 verified service providers on its platform. Besides just providing auto repairs, AutoSahulat wants to use its platform to create positive social impact  It on-boarded child rights organisation Search for Justice help to devise campaigns that will curb child labour challenges in Pakistan,

Although based in Pakistan, the AutoSahulat is incorporated in Singapore. It is seeking US$750,000 in funding.


The world is increasingly becoming reliant on robotics to power our industries, but these service machines are far from perfect and so they break down or encounter obstacles that often require human intervention.

This is where Cognicept steps in. The startup’s goal is to solve robot downtime issues by allowing a human pilot to take control anytime a robot faces an obstacle it cannot overcome on its own.

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The Cognicept platform issues a ticket to the user to alert them of an error when their robot encounters a problem, allowing them to take control of the robot and pilot it remotely until it is clear of the obstacle.

The company offers its platform as a subscription model, with its basic plan costing US$200 per month, which offers 150 minutes of robot error handling time.

Cognicept is currently contracted by robot provider Savioke to provide global robot error handling services. It also has Letter of Intent (LOI) from several companies such as Konica Minolta and Infinium Robotics.

The company is seeking a funding of US$900,000.

All Woman Co.

All Woman Co. believes that plus-sized women are underrepresented in the fashion industry, so it has developed a platform that helps them buy swimwear that fit their sizes.

It offers a mobile body scanning app and an online quiz that allows plus-sized women to obtain accurate clothes fitting measurements virtually.

The company said that it acquired around 3,500 customer on its platform before it even launched its first swimwear design and 70 non-paid brand ambassadors promoting the company.


In the Philippines, many tertiary-level students are forced to discontinue their education midway because of lack of finances. EduCredit.Ph was formed to tackle this problem.

The reason many such students can’t obtain the financing needed is because they do not have bank accounts. The only alternative options are informal lenders (or loan sharks) who charge exorbitant interest rates of up to 30 per cent monthly, or specialised lenders, like fintech services, that offer only short-term loans.

EduCredit offers students credit to pay off their school fees and controls the use of these funds by transferring them directly to the schools.

The service calculates how much money a student should receive by analysing their area of studies, the institution they are enrolled in, as well as their academic score. This allows them to gauge the student’s future income.

EduCredit.Ph charges an interest fee of 3 per cent monthly. The company also provides a payroll deduction scheme so students can find gainful employment first before paying off their debts.


Eureca is an India-based startup that aims to not only reduce the time it takes to hire tech talent but also ensure that these applicants are of top calibre.

It provides a time-bound auction marketplace with a curated list of top candidates that are available for immediate interviews. Doing this allows the company to reduce the time-to-hire from 82 hours to 32 hours.

The company monetises by charging participants (the employers) a participation fee of between US$1,500 to US$5,000 and 8 to 10 per cent of the employee’s annual salary as a placement fee.

Currently, Eureca has six paying clients including OYO and rentmojo.  It plans to raise US$800,000.


Gardore is a women-focussed fashion marketplace that sells business outfits. It offers more than 60 brands and shoppers can find the outfit that best matches their style via a variety of filters such as “career level”, “budget level”, and “dress code”.

The company also offers content on how to find the right outfit for business.

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Beyond fashion, Gardore is working on offering adjacent categories such as makeup and travel luggage.

The company is currently seeking to raise US$1.5 million in funding.


Buying used goods online is always a gamble. While the items may be cheaper, there may be times when you might encounter a dud.

The founder of Indonesia-based used motorcycle marketplace Motoran wants to build trust between sellers and buyers. Its platform provides motorcycle inspection and pricing analysis via its web and mobile app platform.

Motoran currently has partnerships with 144 used dealers as well as a motorcycle financing company called CS Finance. It also has Honda as a trade-in partner and has a partnership with an automotive workshop chain in Indonesia.

The company is planning to raise US$700,000.


E-sports is a growing industry where professional players can expect to earn millions of dollars in prize money competing.

Josudo is a startup that believes it can groom the next generation of professional e-sports players using its online coaching platform. It offers 1:1 coaching and accompanying video curriculum via monthly subscription. These coaches offer lessons for popular online multiplayer games such as Fortnite and League of Legends.

The company also hosts amateur tournaments and leagues to beef up players’ skills.

The platform currently has 3132 sign-ups and 32 coaches. It is seeking to raise US$1 million in funding.


YoRipe brands itself as one-stop cooking and grocery assistant for people who want to prepare healthy meals at home.

Users can get personalised recipes on the platform by stating their taste preference, health
goals, mood, cooking skill and how much time they have.

YoRipe also curates deals and promotions from large supermarket chains such as FairPrice. It even allows users to upload receipts of the food items they purchase so it can estimate the shelf life of these items and remind users when their food is about to expire.


Spotting falsified data in resumes and CVs is not easy often involves a lot of manual work (such as cross-checking with universities on applicants’ qualifications). Robin is a startup that wants to streamline this process via data-driven qualitative insights.

Robin analyses a report using 70 data points to ensure the information on the resume is legitimate. It charges S$360 (US$266) for the screening of 10 candidates.

The company is currently seeking US$700,000 in funding.


Sampingan is a freelancer marketplace that caters to business-focused jobs. It connects companies with freelance agents who can perform partners and SME acquisitions, real-time data collection, and commission-based sales jobs.

The platform offers a job management system, agent training service, and a fraud screening process.

Within four months, Sampingan has onboarded more than 1,500 agents across 25 cities in Indonesia, who have collectively completed over 30,000 different tasks.

The company has also caught the Golden Gate Ventures, who provided an investment of US$500,000

Panya Studios

Panya Studios is game show developer that has developed a trivia-style quiz game which regularly rakes in 1.2 million views a week. But what it wants to do now is to offer a white label solution and SDK to clients who want to develop their own mobile game shows.

One selling point of Panya’s kit is that it allows for the development of interactive low latency game shows at broadcast scale — which means that these game shows would be able to attract a broader range of users, even those without fast internet connections.

Recently, the company raised US$730,000 from VCs including BigBets and Anton Gauffin, Antler, Investigate, 500 Tuk Tuks and 500 Vietnam.

Panya is currently looking to raise a Series A round.

Image Credit: Antler

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