Lifestyle Fashion S’porean socialite Jamie Chua shares her 5 regrets which happen to be...

S’porean socialite Jamie Chua shares her 5 regrets which happen to be all Chanel handbags

Ms Chua recently uploaded a video on YouTube about bags that she wished she had never purchased




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Singapore – Having luxury bags that you regret buying because it was an impulse purchase might be problem many would relish having but the struggle is real for Ms Jamie Chua.

Ms Chua recently uploaded a video on YouTube about five handbags that she wished she had never purchased.

Known for her vast designer bag collection, with over 200 Hermès pieces, Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua really loves her bags.

Unlike her other videos, where she expresses why she loves a particular bag, in this video  Chua focuses on the items that she regretted buying.

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Her five regrets all happen to be Chanel pieces.

“I try not to make impulsive buys anymore. And actually think it (sic) thoroughly,” shared Chua.

She advised everyone to try and not buy seasonal handbags. She added that she avoids Prada and Celine now because they’re “going out of style.”

Ever since her first Chanel bag, the iconic 2.55, which is the original Chanel shoulder bag, Chua has amassed quite a collection to the point that she has space problems with her wardrobe.

She said she needs to maximize the area with more worth while handbags.

Her first regret was a mini gold Chanel boy bag.

Chua shared that she liked it at first because it was so cute. However, it was “clearly impossible for me to fit anything in it.”

Although she purchased the Chanel collectibles and still uses them, she has another, a small black and gold handbag which she has never used.

“It looks good but is not realistic enough to want and to wear out,” said Chua.

Next up is a cowboy collection which looks like a belt buckle.

“Even my lipstick won’t fit in there,” said Chua.

She mentioned necessities which must fit in her bag at all costs: a compact powder, at least one lipstick, lip brush, lip liner, and wet tissues to wipe her hands after someone gives her a handshake.

The other bags that she regrets buying were a Bubblegum pink handbag and one from the La Pousa collection. She bought the first because it was a perfect pink. The other, she thought would match her Chanel jacket that she purchased on the same day.

Both have never been used; in fact, the only time the La Pousa bag stepped out was inside a Birkin.

The moral of the story is never to make an impulse purchase and buy a bag that costs thousands of dollars. Noted.

Watch her video below:

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