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Sophie Turner thinks Joe Jonas is weird to wear jeans around the house

Most of the time staying home together is good for the duo but the mother-to-be shared that Jonas does not understand the meaning of loungewear.




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Amid the pandemic, Game of Thrones actress is practising social distancing well together with her husband .

The actress shared in an interview that the couple is enjoying spending time in the lockdown together.

However, not all is a walk in the clouds for the pair as it seems. Jonas enjoys walking around the house in and his wife Turner finds it weird.

Turner has always loved staying home so it was natural for her to transition to self-quarantining which may be difficult for others.

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Speaking to Conan O’Brien on an at-home episode of Conan, Turner said she loves being quarantined with husband Jonas. She said she loves it as she is an introvert and a homebody. She could stay home all day and leave the house once a day just to walk her dogs and that is it.

As for Jonas, it is hard to stay at home for him as he is a “social butterfly”. Turner shared that everything is working out in her favour and because Jonas is a social butterfly, Turner finds it hard to lock him down to have him spend time with her. It is a prison for him but great for her.

The couple have been making the most out of social distancing and to pass time, they connect with their fans on social media. Jonas does DJing on Instagram Live, recruiting Turner to be his bartender and hairstylist while Turner hosts Q&A sessions on her Instagram Stories.

Picture: Instagram

When Jonas does DJing, he gets Turner to pour him drinks such as alcohol and tequila shots. Most of the time staying home together is good for the duo but the mother-to-be shared that Jonas does not understand the meaning of loungewear.

She finds it weird and shared that she only noticed this during the quarantine period. Turner even noted that she felt her husband’s choice of clothing was so unexpected, she compared him to a psychopath. She added that Jonas wears jeans at home where no one can see him. Turner said she does not wear jeans and that what she was wearing was the most dressed up she has been in days.

Conan admitted that he too wear jeans during self-quarantine in which Turner jokingly replied why did Conan do that to his groin.

Turner has been wearing sweatpants at home during this coronavirus pandemic and she even wore one during the interview with Conan. She said that she loves her outfit and that she does not even have to get dressed up. /TISG

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