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Singer Derrick Hoh’s wedding is no April Fool’s Day joke

It seems the couple announced their wedding that day because they are the type to play pranks




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Any news received on April Fool’s Day is often handled with caution. This happened when Singapore singer-songwriter announced his that day, which led to media outlets like 8days.sg wondering whether it was true.

In fact, the 34-year-old groom had timed the wedding to coincide with the release of his new song I Found You. The song was written as his proposal to his wife, whose identity has been kept secret because he wants to protect her privacy.

The couple met through mutual friends in 2017 when Hoh performed at a concert in Taiwan. They only fell in love a year-and-a-half later in Hong Kong.

Hoh revealed that he felt she was the one for him after their first argument. The couple had sorted things out instead of engaging in a blame game.

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The singer says he was inspired to propose to his wife by the movie Love Actually. In the movie, Andrew Lincoln confesses his love for Keira Knightley with giant cue cards. As for Hoh, he used the lyrics of his song on cue cards while the song played in the background.

Although his wife said yes, she scolded him for wasting paper! Hoh responded that he would do a giveaway of the cards one day.

The pair had their solemnisation, wedding reception and a McDonald’s-themed after-party on Feb 22. As this was at a time of travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some international guests could not attend the wedding.

Derrick Hoh is keeping the identity of his wife secret. Picture: Instagram

It seems the couple announced their wedding on April Fool’s Day because they are the type to play pranks. Hoh said it was okay if people thought it was fake news as it would mean that the prank went well.

The singer likes to make fun of his wife by playing his songs for her every day although this annoys her.

Nobody knew about Hoh’s relationship or wedding plans but he revealed that he did not try to hide them. When they were preparing for the wedding, it was the people involved who promised to keep it under wraps.

Not much is known about Mrs Hoh except that she is very shy, is three years younger, is a Singaporean and a digital marketing manager.

I Found You is Hoh’s first independent single. Although he had a chance to work with big labels like Warner Music and Gold Typhoon, for which he is grateful, he wanted to produce songs that would connect to his fans. /TISG

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